This month in training: October 2019

Posted by Matt Sadler

From buses and trains, to farms and ferries - it's been a busy few weeks for our clever pups. Here's what they've been up to in their hearing dog training.

1. Kaden made some new friends

Black Labrador Kaden is training to be a confidence and companion dog and he spent the day learning all about other animals.

It's important that our dogs are comfortable around other species as they will meet other animals on a daily basis when out and about with their deaf partner. The farm is the perfect place to make new friends and Kaden had a great time.

2. Harper practised saying hello to everyone

Cockapoo Harper has been practising how to behave around new people.

She helped to meet and greet visitors at a recent event and did a fab job at staying calm despite there being lots of potential new friends.

What a lovely face to see when you arrive.

3. Duke went shopping

Feeling comfortable in shops is such an important skill for any hearing dog, as it's an environment they will frequently visit with their deaf partner.

Duke spent the morning shopping with his volunteer puppy trainer, and was so relaxed that he even found the time to strike his best pose.

4. Boats, buses and trains

We gently introduce our dogs to public transport with short journeys, full of rewards and positive reinforcement. Three of our clever hearing dogs in training recently experienced their own firsts on public transport with Mae (top left) going on a ferry, Dixon (bottom left) rightly looking very proud of himself after a first bus journey, and Caspar sitting beautifully on the train.

The new sights and sounds can take a couple of trips to get used to, but these incredible Labradors were at home straight away.

5. Norman started his hearing dog training

Miniature poodle Norman recently moved in with his volunteer puppy trainer, and has made two new friends already.

They are a little camera shy though, unlike Norman. Good luck with your training, Norman.

6. One small step for hearing dog pup Milo

Milo has made a fab start to his hearing dog training. Not only is this clever cocker spaniel incredibly cute, but he's also mastering his basic commands like this perfect sit.

7. Alvin's a hearing dog!

From Milo, who is at the start of his hearing dog training, to an amazing boy who has just graduated from his - cocker spaniel Alvin is officially a fully-accredited hearing dog.

Alvin had a very successful placement week is now at home with his deaf partner. Congratulations Alvin!

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