This month in training: November 2020

Posted by Matt Sadler

Our clever puppies have been learning lots of different skills in their training classes. Some have made new friends, others have been shopping, and cocker spaniel Zippy has even learnt all about fireworks.

1. Eddie and Mocha met the 'neigh'-bours

Eddie and Mocha meeting some horses

Cocker spaniel Eddie and miniature poodle Mocha both made new friends, and Eddie even dropped his tennis ball to say hello.

It's important that our puppies know that all other animals - big or small - should be seen as friends and Eddie and Mocha were very happy and comfortable around their new pals.

2. Buddy avoided the distractions at a busy supermarket

Yellow Labrador Buddy focused in a supermarket

Brilliant Buddy has been to the supermarket, and he did a great job keeping his focus around one of his favourite foods - carrots!

Buddy is in the third stage of his training and this is where we focus more on short visits to public places.

Well done Buddy.

3. Zippy learnt all about fireworks

Hearing dog in training Zippy has been getting used to sounds of fireworks to help him feel relaxed and comfortable during firework season.

Zippy has been gently introduced to the sounds over several weeks, with the volume slowly increasing during that time.

4. Kes' alerts are coming along a treat

Hearing dog puppy Kes' alerts to a timer are improving every day, and we love how keen he is to find the sound.

Kes is still very early on in his hearing dog training, which makes this even more impressive for such a young pup.

5. Dixie is such a good girl!

Cocker spaniel Dixie has been working on her focus and her wait.

We teach our pups about impulse control, which helps them to think about their immediate impulses. These might not always be the right thing to do and we want our dogs to learn that sometimes they have to ‘wait’ patiently to get what they want.

Great job Dixie, we hope you enjoyed your well-deserved reward.

6. Paws for a coffee

Black Labrador Evian practicing settling in a coffee shop

Evian has been practising her settle in public places, and she did a great job relaxing at a coffee shop.

Our clever dogs learn to settle in places they will frequently visit with their deaf partner and Evian wasn't fussed at all about being in a busy environment. Well done, Evian! 

7. Wallace has passed his assessment!

Finally, congratulations to cocker spaniel Wallace, who has passed his assessment to become a hearing dog!

Wallace has been a joy to train, and we know he is going to make an amazing difference to his deaf partner's life.

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Sue, 25 Nov 2020

Hello my son Dan gave me Robyn sponsorship as a Christmas gift last year which was lovely. I understand that you can’t give any specific info but could I ask if Robyn is now assisting someone or do the dogs have to be a little older? Thank you

Matt, 27 Nov 2020

Hi Sue, thanks for getting in touch. Robyn is working hard in her classes and I know she is impressing her trainers. You should be receiving your next update in the next one to two weeks with lots more information. Robyn's Puppy Pen has also just recently been updated with a new episode - if you haven't seen these before then there should be information in your welcome pack on how to access them. If there isn't then our team can send you a link if you email them at Best wishes, Matt at Hearing Dogs.
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