This month in training: November 2019

Posted by Matt Sadler

All aboard for River as he reached a major milestone in his training, but what else have our clever puppies been learning in their classes?

1. River experienced his first train journey

Hearing dog puppy River on the train

Congratulations to cocker spaniel River, who proved to be the perfect passenger on his first ever train journey.

The journey itself was the culmination of a few training classes as River had been to a station before to get used to the new sights, sounds and smells.

It's really important hearing dog puppies experience travelling on public transport before they become a hearing dog. If a deaf person gets a bus or a train to work, we want to make sure their new hearing dog is comfortable with the experience.

2. Eight-week-old miniature poodle Peppa started her hearing dog training

Eight-week-old miniature poodle Peppa started her hearing dog training

This is miniature poodle Peppa, who has just started her hearing dog training.

Not only is Peppa learning to be a life-changing assistance dog, but she's also part of Hearing Dogs royalty as dad Harley stars in our Christmas gift guide.

It didn't take Peppa long to spot him!

3. Enya demonstrated the perfect settle at a busy cafe

Enya with the perfect settle in a cafe

The very clever Enya has entered the final stage of her training and it won’t be long until she is helping a deaf person to leave loneliness behind.

Enya has been busy practising in public places, and here she is demonstrating the perfect settle in a café. Keep up the great work Enya.

4. Jessie enjoyed a pampering session

Miniature poodle Jessie getting used to being groomed

Miniature poodle puppy Jessie has been getting used to being groomed, and judging by the last photo, we're pretty sure she enjoyed the experience.

Hearing dogs need to feel relaxed in environments they will experience again in the future, such as the vets or groomers, and Jessie was certainly that.

5. Bella worked on her impulse control

Fourteen-week-old Bella has been working very hard on her wait, and she did a fab job at resisting the temptation to eat this treat until she was told to do so.

She thoroughly enjoyed her tasty reward.

6. Cosmo passed his assessment!

Miniature poodle Cosmo has passed his assessment

Finally, some wonderful news as miniature poodle Cosmo has passed his Hearing Dogs Assessment!

The next step for Cosmo is a very exciting one, as he will now meet his future partner for the first time. Congratulations Cosmo.

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