This month in training: May 2022

Posted by Matt Sadler

From Ruby and Bran at the very start of their training, through to incredible news about cocker spaniel Wilbur - it's time to go behind the scenes to find out what our amazing future hearing dogs have been learning.

1. Little Ruby has been practising her wait

Ruby has made a great start to her hearing dog training and here she is practising her wait, which is already so impressive for such a young pup.

Learning basic cues like 'wait' and 'sit' is incredibly important for any puppy, and these skills will be vital throughout Ruby's training as she grows into a life-changing hearing dog.

2. Bran and Eddie are already best buddies

Cocker spaniel Bran is sitting to the left of a larger cocker spaniel called Eddie

Bran is at the very start of his hearing dog training and he has a wonderful role model in Eddie, who has been passing on some top tips.

The first part of Bran's training involves practising his basic cues like 'sit' and 'wait', as well as learning to be happy playmate with other dogs.

3. Drum roll please...

Black Labrador Drummer is lying on the grass with his paw over a certificate

Congratulations to the lovely Drummer, who has passed the first stage of his hearing dog training.

Drummer has been working on his basic cues like 'sit', 'down' and 'wait', as well as exploring the world around him.

Great job, Drummer!

4. All aboard for cockapoo Mitchell

Two photos side by side of cockapoo Mitchell, The first shows him sitting on the platform of a railway station and the second shows him lying on the floor of a train

Cockapoo Mitchell did such a brilliant job on his train journey.

As hearing dogs may use public transport when accompanying their deaf partner, it's important they are comfortable and relaxed with the experience.

Mitchell waited patiently for the train to arrive before settling beautifully during the journey.

5. Fearne has reached a big milestone in her training

Yellow Labrador Fearne is lying down on the floor of a bus

Fabulous Fearne has also been practising on public transport and she ticked off a major milestone in her training by going on her first bus journey.

Fearne did a fab job with all the new and unusual movements, and will build on this first trip with another short journey soon.

6. Twix showed off his lovely settle

Black Labrador Twix is lying on the floor with a chair leg to the right of the image. Twix is wearing his burgundy training jacket

The very handsome Twix showed off his lovely settle as his volunteer trainer stopped for lunch.

Settling is an incredibly important skill for any hearing dog, as it is what our clever dogs do when they’re in public places such as restaurants, hospitals and audiologists.

7. Wilbur is a life-changing hearing dog!

We have the most amazing news to bring you and are delighted to let you know that Wilbur has moved in with his deaf partner as their life-changing hearing dog.

Wilbur has settled into his new home brilliantly and we know he is going to make the most incredible difference.

All this is only possible thanks to the wonderful team who have helped Wilbur grow into such a special boy.

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