This month in training: March 2022

Posted by Matt Sadler

Spirit has been busy having lots of fun, Pluto is the perfect shopper, and there's wonderful news for Hugo. Go behind the scenes and find out what our hearing dogs in training have been learning.

1. Spirit is having lots of fun

Two photos side by side of black Labrador puppy Spirit playing with ragger toys

Playing is a huge part of a puppy’s early learning and we focus on making everything as fun as possible for our future life-changers.

Spirit is already very keen to investigate lots of new objects and is proving to be such a confident and clever young pup.

2. Lucy has started practising in public places

Cocker spaniel Lucy laying on the floor of a cafe as she practises her settle

The lovely Lucy has been practising her settle in a quiet café.

Lucy will continue to gain experience of settling throughout her training, with the venues getting a bit busier as she gets older.

Settling is a key skill for any hearing dog, and it's important they feel comfortable and happy in the environments they visit with their deaf partner.

3. The three amigos

A photo of cocker spaniel Elvis and black Labradors Georgia and Gerry all sitting outside a cafe with their volunteer trainers

Cocker spaniel Elvis and Labradors Gerry and Georgia took a training trip into town to get used to being on a high street.

Our talented trio stopped at a café to practise their settles and all did a fab job in a busier environment.

4. Pluto is a very savvy shopper

A close up of yellow Labrador Pluto wearing his burgundy training jacket while in a shop

A spot of shopping for Pluto, who is doing brilliantly in the penultimate stage of his hearing dog training

This is the part of training where our clever dogs practise more in public places and on public transport, and Pluto is taking the new environments in his stride.

5. Nice to meet you Ralph

Cocker spaniel puppy Ralph sitting and looking up at his volunteer puppy trainer

A big round of applause to hearing dog puppy Ralph, who was a star during his training class.

Ralph showed lovely focus on his volunteer trainer, which is so impressive for such a young pup.

6. Fabulous Fearne!

Yellow Labrador Fearne sitting next to a paper certificate, which she was awarded for passing the second stage of her hearing dog training

Fearne was rightly looking very happy with herself when posing with her certificate.

Our clever Labrador was awarded the certificate for passing her Puppy Two Star, which is the second stage of training.

Next up for Fearne is practising more in public places.

7. Hugo is going to change a deaf person's life!

From a very cute pup, to a life-changing hearing dog - congratulations to Hugo, who has passed his final assessment!

Hugo has had an incredible team behind him every step of the way and he will now meet his deaf partner for the first time.

We are so proud of you Hugo.

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