This month in training: March 2021

Posted by Matt Sadler

Nothing stops our hearing dog puppies learning and having fun! Our clever dogs and their wonderful volunteer trainers continue to adapt and learn from home. Here’s what they’ve been up to.

1. Working from home

Our amazing volunteer trainers have been coming up with fun games to keep our pups mentally stimulated, practising their sound alert training, and much more.

This video starts with Biscuit showing his very impressive wait, and you will also see some of Arya's soundwork training.

Our clever cockapoo alerts her volunteer dog trainer Liz to the doorbell, and then performs a danger signal to the smoke alarm. This alert is different as we wouldn't want Arya to lead her partner to a potentially hazardous situation.

Also featuring Kes and Ziggy solving their puzzle games, and hearing dog Albert's very helpful new skill.

2. Top marks for Riley

Cocker spaniel Riley lying on the floor next to her certificate for passing the third stage of hearing dog training

A very proud cocker spaniel Riley with her certificate for passing the third stage of hearing dog training.

Riley has now moved on to the final part of training and is focusing on learning the sounds she will alert her future deaf partner to.

3. Nelson is having lots of fun exploring

Two photos of miniature poodle Nelson side by side. The first shows him sitting on his bed with a bottle and tennis ball. The second is him sleeping on his bed surrounded by a shoe, bottle and a cuddly toy.

An important part of early hearing dog training is encouraging our pups to investigate lots of new objects.

Miniature poodle Nelson loves this and has decided to collect all the new and exciting things he has found and take them to bed with him.

4. Chrissie keeps a very close eye on her reward

Black Labrador Chrissie waiting patiently with a treat on the floor in front of her

Chrissie made sure her tasty treat wasn't going anywhere whilst she practised her impulse control.

Self control is a vital skill for any happy and relaxed dog to have, and Chrissie enjoyed her reward for a brilliant wait.

5. Clever Kai shows some lovely focus

Black Labrador Kai outside and looking at his volunteer dog trainer

Hearing dog in training Kai showing some lovely focus on his volunteer dog trainer.

Although Kai didn't go into any shops during his visit into town, it was great practise for him to show how well he can avoid potential distractions and that he is relaxed in a different environment.

6. Zippy is learning all about buses (but not going on them yet)

Cocker spaniel sitting at a quiet bus stop

Zippy has been getting used to bus stops, as he will train on public transport when the time is right to do so.

Zippy loves being on the move when outside, so sitting and waiting is an area he is working on, and this is a lovely sit. Well done Zippy.

7. Gryffin is practising his wake-up call

A close up of cocker spaniel Gryffin who is on the bed alerting to an alarm clock

Gryffin is currently learning all about the sounds he will alert his future partner to.

This photo was taken during an alert to the alarm clock, and that face is guaranteed to make you smile every morning.

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