This month in training: March 2019

Posted by Matt Sadler

It's been a busy few weeks for our clever hearing dog puppies. Take a look at what they've been learning in their training classes.

1. River passed the second stage of hearing dog training

Hearing dog puppy River enjoying the sunshine at Bricket Wood

River continues to be a star in his hearing dog training and he recently passed Puppy 2 Star to move another paw closer to becoming a life-changing hearing dog. 

River will now have the opportunity to make his own decisions rather than being told what to do and will slowly be introduced to the soundwork that will help him transform a deaf person's life. He'll also get to wear his very smart burgundy learning jacket whilst out training.

Well done River!

2. Linus is now a fully-accredited hearing dog!

Linus is now a fully-accredited hearing dog

Cocker spaniel Linus had a successful placement week with his partner and is now at home as their fully-accredited hearing dog.

A huge thank you to everyone that played their part in Linus' journey and we know he is going to transform the life of his partner.

3. The incredibly cute Wilbur showed just how quickly he can learn new skills

Nine-week-old Wilbur may be at the very start of his hearing dog journey, but he's already learning the basic commands needed to become a hearing dog thanks to the great work by his volunteer puppy trainer.

4. All aboard for hearing dog in training Eddison

Eddison took the train

A different kind of train-ing session for Eddison as he got used to the sights and sounds of public transport.

It’s really important our hearing dog pups experience travelling on public transport before they become a hearing dog. If a deaf person gets a bus or a train to work, we want to make sure their new hearing dog is comfortable with this experience.

5. Fliss went shopping and avoided all the tasty treats

Fliss avoided the food when she went shopping

Not only has Fliss recently passed the second stage of her hearing dog training, but she also managed to resist the biggest temptation when she went out shopping - the dog food aisle.

Our dogs accompany a deaf person in lots of public places – including supermarkets. In places like these, they need to understand all the tasty foods on display are not for them, and they should be on their best behaviour regardless of all the distractions.

This is why hearing dog pup Fliss is practicing a ‘sit’ with her volunteer puppy trainer. It helps her to be calm and relaxed and she’s doing a fab job - especially near all that tasty food!

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Sue, 8 Mar 2019

I've just set up to sponsor Tyson. Fancy the puppy trainer having a deaf window cleaner! What a coincidence! Looking forward to watching his progress!
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