This month in training: June 2019

Posted by Matt Sadler

Our hearing dog puppies have been busy developing lots of new skills and experiencing new situations in their training classes.

Here's what they've been learning during the last few weeks.

1. Rupert and River enjoyed an action-packed training session together

Cocker spaniels Rupert and River put a lot of what they've learnt recently into practice as they walked into town and then settled beautifully at a cafe in a busy shop. That's not all though, as there was still plenty of time for kisses with their puppy training instructor Heather.

Life is very exciting for River, so he's been learning how to remain calm around lots of people and in new environments. His focus is improving all the time - keep up the good work River.

2. All aboard for Oshi

Hearing dog puppy Oshi on the train

Ten-month-old Oshi has reached a major milestone in his hearing dog training as he's been on his first ever train journey. Cocker spaniel Oshi took the new experience in his stride and looked like a seasoned commuter. Great job Oshi!

It's really important hearing dog puppies experience travelling on public transport before they become a hearing dog. If a deaf person gets a bus or a train to work, we want to make sure their new hearing dog is comfortable with the experience.

3. The best puppy class ever!

Cockapoo Flora and yellow Labrador Dudley

Cockapoo Flora and yellow Labrador Dudley have been introduced to lots of new sensory experiences to get them ready for the big, wide world.

Dudley and Flora were both born in March and are enjoying playing together in their early lessons. You can find out what else they will be learning in their first stage of training here.

4. Wesley started 'big school'

Wesley has started the final stage of his hearing dog training

The very smiley Wesley has just started the final stage of his hearing dog training. This stage of training is often referred to as 'big school' and this is where Wesley will learn all the important and life-saving sounds that his future deaf partner will need alerting to.

Good luck Wesley.

5. Blue was pawfectly behaved on her first trip to the groomers

Cocker spaniel puppy Blue at the groomers

We didn't think it was possible, but five-month-old Blue looks even more beautiful than before. Not only is she now ready for the summer, but she also had a great time as there were lots of interesting things to investigate and lick.


Hearing dogs need to feel relaxed in environments they will experience again in the future, such as the vets or groomers, and Blue was certainly that. 


6. Mocha hit the shops

Lots of new people to meet and many distractions on the shelves, but hearing dog puppy Mocha kept his focus at all times. Mocha was completely comfortable in a shop environment and received lots of tasty treats for being such a clever boy.

Hearing dogs accompany a deaf person in lots of public places – including busy and interesting venues like shops, and our dogs need to understand all the things on display are not for them.

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