This month in training: July 2020

Posted by Matt Sadler

Our adorable pups have been continuing their training from home. From virtual puppy classes to learning to alert deaf people to sounds, our pups have been keeping busy and having lots of fun.

1. Who's a clever girl? Dixie is!

Hearing dog puppy Dixie has been working on her 'wait' and it's getting more impressive by the day.

We teach our pups about self control, as it helps them to think about their immediate impulses, which are not always the right thing to do. Volunteer puppy trainers show the pups that they sometimes have to ‘wait’ patiently to get what they want.

Dixie then thoroughly enjoyed her treats as a well-deserved reward.

2. Mocha has been a busy boy

Miniature poodle Mocha is in the penultimate stage of his hearing dog training - the 'Puppy Three Star' - and has been busy practising the skills which will help a deaf person to leave loneliness behind.

This video shows him working on his impulse control, as he is challenged to ignore interesting and tasty objects when walking, and then a perfect alert to the doorbell.

Well done Mocha.

3. Herbie logs in from home for his virtual training classes

Herbie attends a virtual training class

Our pups and their volunteer puppy trainers have been having regular video catch ups with our training team, and Herbie is now such a pro using the laptop that he doesn’t even need his volunteers to help him!

4. Aero has been checking in with his best friend

Aero on a video call to his friend Wren

When taking part in virtual puppy training classes it’s always nice to have five minutes of ‘no humans allowed’ time. Here is Aero catching up fellow hearing dog in training, Wren.

5. Miniature poodle Norman has reached a training milestone

Norman sitting with his training certificate

Miniature poodle Norman has some wonderful news - he has just passed the second stage of hearing dog training.

Norman will now concentrate on his impulse control and will be able to wear his burgundy training coat when we return to public places.

You can find out what else he will be learning here.

6. Decker has been practising his super settle

Cocker spaniel Decker demonstrating a lovely settle

Delightful Decker has been learning how to settle. This is an incredibly important skill for any hearing dog, as it is what our clever canines do when they’re in places such as hospitals, audiologists and restaurants. Instead of creating a fuss, they’re trained to settle down and relax.

As Decker isn't currently allowed to practise his settle in cafes and restaurants, he has been using the garden as a suitable alternative.

7. A very warm welcome to the wonderful Wish

Black Labrador puppy Wish demonstrating a perfect sit

The beautiful Wish has recently started her training to become a life-changing hearing dog, and she has already mastered a perfect sit.

Wish will continue to work on her basic commands in her early training and it looks as though she has also already perfected those puppy dog eyes.


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Ann, 7 Jul 2020

It’s so lovely to see all the puppies doing their initial training. How good they are and the trainers are so patient and ready to praise when all is good. Also still patient when thing go wrong as with puppies they can do. Excellent training. On that note how is my favourite spaniel OTIS doing in his training ?? πŸ˜€πŸ’•πŸΆ. Ann Hunt

Matt, 8 Jul 2020

Hi Ann, we are so lucky to have such wonderful trainers who are incredibly patient with the pups and always give lots of praise and fuss. Otis is doing really well in his training and is loving learning all the sounds he will alert his future partner to. He's also a very happy and much-loved boy.
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