This month in training: July 2019

Posted by Matt Sadler

Milestones, making new friends and magic Merlin, it's been a busy few weeks for our hearing dogs in their all-important training classes.

Here's what they've been learning in their classes as they develop the skills that will enable them to help a deaf person to leave loneliness behind.

1. River made a new friend

River and his new feline friend

River likes to be friends with every person and animal he meets, and he now has a brand new housemate in Eko.

Eko and River were a little wary of each other to start with, but they are slowly warming to each other and will be best buddies in next to no time. 

Being comfortable and relaxed around other animals is a great skill for any hearing dog to have, as their future deaf partner may already have a pet of their own.

2. Miniature poodle April joined team Hearing Dogs

Miniature poodle April has just started her hearing dog training

She may look more like a fluffy teddy bear, but eight-week-old miniature poodle April has just started her training to become a life-changing hearing dog.

April will spend the next 18 months growing, having fun, developing lots of new skills and looking impossibly cute. Good luck April. You can find out what April will be learning first here.

3. Top marks for Duke

Duke with his rosette and certificate after passing the second stage of his hearing dog training

Cocker spaniel Duke is rightly very proud of himself after passing the second stage of his hearing dog training, the Puppy Two Star.

This means Duke can now wear his burgundy learning jacket when out in public as he starts to visit more and more different places. Well done Duke!

4. Beach time for Buffy

Buffy on her first trip to the beach

Hearing dog puppies experience all different sorts of environments early in their training, so when they're faced with the same situation as a hearing dog, they know what to expect. 

All our pups get to have a run round and explore a beach in their training - in case their future partner lives by the sea. The common cocker spaniel grumpy face may suggest otherwise, but Buffy loved her first experience of having sand between her paws and it won't be long until she's back by the sea.

5. Juno demonstrates the pawfect fire alarm alert

Hearing dogs learn two different alerts during their training. One for important sounds like an alarm clock and another for life-saving sounds, such as a fire alarm.

Our amazing dogs are taught to alert to most sounds by nudging their partner with their nose before leading them to the source of the sound. However, if they hear a fire alarm then hearing dogs will lie down rather than lead their partner towards a potentially dangerous situation.

Sponsor puppy Juno performed the perfect alert to a fire alarm.

6. Magic Merlin has passed his assessment!

Cockapoo Merlin sitting in the sun

Cockapoo Merlin has worked his magic and passed his Hearing Dogs assessment! This means he is one paw closer to helping a deaf person to leave loneliness behind.

Merlin will now meet his future partner and explore his potential new home, and if this is successful then his final training will be tailored to their needs. Congratulations Merlin.

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