This month in training: February 2024

Posted by Matt Sadler

Hope went on a very exciting trip to a football club, little Labrador Mowgli has been to his first puppy class, and siblings Flossy and Fanta took a day trip into a local town. Find out what else our clever pups have been learning.

1. Three cheers for Ozzy

A huge round of applause for our lovely Labrador, Ozzy, who has recently passed the third stage of his puppy training – the Puppy 3 Star.

Yellow Labrador, Ozzy, as a young puppy on the left and then as a grown up dog now. Both images he is lookingup at the camera and smiling

Ozzy has come a long way since he was a tiny pup, and will now be heading into the final stage of his training. This is where he'll build up his soundwork and practise alerting to sounds like the doorbell and even the smoke alarm. 

2. Meet Mowgli

This little Labrador looks rightly proud of himself. Mowgli recently went to his very first puppy class and did a wonderful job.

Black Labrador puppy, Mowgli, sitting on the floor and looking up at the camera.

The early part of Mowgli's training will see him learn his basic cues like ‘sit’ and ‘wait’, we think he’s already nailed it. Magnificent job Mowgli! 

3. Hope goes to a Harrogate game

Black Labrador Hop visiting a football training ground.

No red cards here when Hope went to watch the football training at Harrogate AFC. 

Hope has been matched to a deaf person who is a big football fan, so it’s important that she feels happy and calm watching people running around and kicking a ball, without wanting to join in! 

She was a perfectly relaxed spectator, and we’re very grateful to Harrogate, who welcomed Hope to a training session at their Player Development Centre so she could get used to football matches going on around her. 

4. Bravo Billy!

Black and White Cocker Spaniel puppy, Billy, sitting and wagging his tail whilst looking up at the camera.

Billy is now celebrating passing the first stage of his hearing dog training - the Puppy One Star. 

Billy has done so well learning his basic cues like 'sit', 'down' and 'wait', and he has shown that he can play nicely with other puppies and people. 

Next up for Billy is the Puppy 2 Star and we’re very excited to see how well he does in the next stage of his training.

5. Marvelous Milo

Our very clever Cockapoo has just passed his final assessment and is going to be a life-changing hearing dog! 

Milo has been busy perfecting his soundwork, learning how to alert to a timer and the doorbell, as well as performing the danger signal for a smoke alarm. The danger alert sees Milo lie down to indicate a potentially hazardous situation. 

Milo has been an absolute superstar and we’re so very proud of him and his team.

6. Flossy and Fanta's day out

These sisters went for a fur-tastic day out together into a local town. 

They travelled in on the train and were the perfect train passengers. They both kept fantastic focus in the busy shops where there were plenty of new sights and sounds to take in before heading to the coffee shop where they showed off their ‘settle’. 

Both girls are currently in the third stage of their training and building up their experience of travelling on public transport and visiting busy public environments so they can go everywhere with their future deaf partners.  

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