This month in training: February 2021

Posted by Matt Sadler

Our clever hearing dog puppies have been able to continue learning at home thanks to their amazing volunteer trainers. Here's what they've been up to.

1. Orchid has been working on her impulse control

Cocker spaniel Orchid looking at the camera with her treats spelling out 'Eat me' on the floor

Hearing dog in training Orchid showed off her impeccable impulse control.

Orchid knows not to start eating her food until she is told to do so, and was so relaxed waiting that she didn't even look at her tasty treats.

A dog without impulse control training can find it hard to stay focused and can be easily frustrated. The best way to practice is with food, and Orchid thoroughly enjoyed her rewards.

2. Alpha has graduated to 'big school'

Cockapoo Alpha as a puppy and then he how looks now

Wishing the very best of luck to cockapoo Alpha, who has just started the final stage of his hearing dog training.

Alpha is learning all about the sounds he will alert his future partner to, such as the doorbell, cooker timer and smoke alarm.

Have lots of fun Alpha.

3. Carlos was looking very smart in his training jacket

Carlos sitting nicely in town while wearing his burgundy training jacket

Hearing dog in training Carlos had a training session in a quiet high street, where he demonstrated his perfect sit.

Although Carlos didn’t go into any shops, it was great practise for him to get used to a new environment and to ensure he feels comfortable and relaxed wearing his burgundy training jacket.

4. Training continues at home

Restrictions mean our pups are currently at home, but that doesn't mean training has stopped, as our wonderful volunteers have adapted brilliantly once again.

You'll see Biscuit learning to be calm when there's a visitor at the door, Carla practising in her very own supermarket, William working on his impulse control, Flint alerting to the smoke alarm and Madge and Finn figuring out their homemade treat game.

The video ends on Kes doing a spot of agility training as it's important that all our dogs are also being kept physically active.

5. Meet miniature poodle Nelson

It is our pleasure to introduce you to eight-week-old miniature poodle puppy Nelson, who has just started his training to become a life-changing hearing dog.

Nelson will spend the next few months getting big and strong, having fun, developing lots of new skills and looking impossibly cute. You can find out what he will be learning first here.

6. Dixon is going to change a deaf person's life

From a pup at the very start of their training, to a clever boy who has passed his final assessment.

Huge congratulations to Dixon and a big thank you to the amazing team he has had behind him throughout.

We are so proud of you Dixon!

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