This month in training: February 2020

Posted by Matt Sadler

Our pups have been busy in their training classes. Take a look at what they've been learning this month.

1. Cocker spaniel puppy Bobbie started her hearing dog training

Cocker spaniel puppy Bobbie has started her hearing dog training

Bobbie may only be 10 weeks old and at the very start of her hearing dog training, but she is already mastering the perfect sit.

Judging by the cardboard box and slipper in close attendance, we think she may have already decided on her favourite 'toys' as well.

Learn more about what Bobbie will be taught in the first stage of training here.

2. Ellie demonstrated her fab focus during a puppy training class

Black Labrador Ellie showing great focus on her volunteer puppy trainer

The lovely Ellie showing some brilliant concentration during her hearing dog training class.

Keeping focused on their deaf partner is an important skill for any hearing dog to have, and Ellie made sure her attention was on her volunteer puppy trainer.

3. Parker practised on public transport

Cocker spaniel Parker practised on a train

Cocker spaniel Parker is proving to be a natural as he continues to practise on public transport.

Parker waited patiently and made lots of new friends at the station, before enjoying his short train journey.

It's really important that our pups experience travelling on public transport before they become a hearing dog. If a deaf person gets a bus or a train to work, we want to make sure their new hearing dog is comfortable with the experience.

4. Cockapoo Harper learnt all about art

Cockapoo Harper visited an art gallery

Our very own art critic, cockapoo Harper, took a trip to a gallery as part of her training.

It's vital that hearing dogs are comfortable in public places and are on their best behaviour despite all the distractions.

Harper was a very good girl, but we're not sure how impressed she was with the lack of dog paintings though.

5. Farley did his weekly shop

 Cocker spaniel Farley sitting at the supermarket

The lovely Farley stocked up on the essentials during his training trip to a busy supermarket.

Farley was comfortable with the noisy surroundings and demonstrated fantastic focus towards his volunteer puppy trainer as he avoided all the tasty distractions on the shelves.

6. Bow and Bella are now best friends

Black Labrador Bow and cocker spaniel Bella

Black Labrador Bow was the perfect host as he welcomed fellow hearing dog pup, Bella, for an overnight stay.

The little and large duo had a great time together and we think it may be the start of a budding friendship.

It's important that working hearing dogs get on well with other dogs, especially if their partner already has a pet or a retired hearing dog. Play dates like this mean we can make sure our puppies show all the signs of a happy, playful and calm playmate. 

7. A real team effort

Group wait during a hearing dog training class

How impressive is this for a group wait? Our clever dogs were set the challenge of waiting together to show off their self-control and they all passed the test with flying colours.

There were treats all-round after such a fab demonstration.

A dog without impulse control training finds it hard to stay focused and can be easily frustrated. As a result, they can find it more difficult to ignore their impulses - like rushing out of the front door, or jumping out of the car as soon as you open it. This kind of behaviour could put a dog and their owner in danger, so it's really important our dogs have amazing self-control. 

8. River passed his assessment!

Cocker spaniel River passed his Hearing Dogs assessment

River has passed his assessment to become a life-changing hearing dog!

River (mohawk & all) has been a superstar throughout his training, and he's grown into such a clever, happy and loving boy. The next step for River is a very exciting one, as he will now meet his future partner for the first time.

Huge congratulations 'Team River'.

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