This month in training: February 2019

Posted by Matt Sadler

Our clever hearing dog puppies have been busy learning new skills and experiencing new situations in their training. Here's what they've been up to in recent weeks.

1. Oshi visited the train station for the first time

Oshi went to the train station for the first time

Cocker spaniel Oshi is gearing up for his first trip on a train, and his volunteer puppy trainer took him to the station in preparation. It's important that new experiences are introduced slowly during a hearing dog's training, so not to overwhelm the puppy. 

This short visit will help get Oshi used to the noisy surroundings, and he did a great job in keeping his concentration despite all the new things to explore.

2. Doris went one step further and travelled to Oxford on public transport

Doris went to Oxford on public transport

Miniature poodle Doris has been in training for longer for Oshi and is already a comfortable commuter, as she showed on a trip to Oxford. It's incredibly important that hearing dogs are relaxed on public transport as it may be something they experience with their future partner. Doris was the perfect passenger - settling nicely but still keeping her concentration.

3. Vigo and Verity started their hearing dog training

Black Labrador puppies Vigo and Verity

Say hello to black Lab puppies Vigo (left) and Verity, who have just started their hearing dog training. Ten-week old Vigo and Verity moved in with their volunteer puppy trainers a week ago and both have settled in immediately. One day, these incredibly cute pups will become life-changers, but there's a lot of learning (and growing) to be done first.

4. Betsy went shopping

Betsy went food shopping

Betsy has pawfected how to behave in busy shops, so a recent trip to a supermarket proved no problem at all. There are many potential distractions in shops like this, with lots of exciting things on the shelves and plenty of people around, but Betsy ignored them all and kept her focus. She even found time for a lovely sit for the camera. Well done Betsy.

5. Kookie and Joey practised their coffee shop etiquette

Kookie and Joey practised in the cafe

Yellow Labrador Kookie and cocker spaniel Joey took their training class into the staff and volunteer restaurant at our southern training centre in Saunderton.

Kookie practised her heel work in a busy environment, while a relaxed Joey showed off the perfect settle. Both hearing dog puppies did an excellent job, as did their volunteer puppy trainers, who showed off some expert coffee balancing skills. 

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