This month in training: December 2021

Posted by Matt Sadler

It has been a busy few weeks for our clever hearing dog puppies with a number of them experiencing ‘firsts’ in their training. You will see first training classes, first train journeys and the first time they practise in their burgundy jackets.

1. Nessa, Noel and Nudge have been exploring

Black Labrador puppies Nessa, Noel and Nudge at their first training class

Nessa, Noel and Nudge have been busy investigating new objects in their first puppy training classes.

An early part of hearing dog training is exploring new sights, sounds and smells, and the three amigos have been having a great time doing exactly that.

2. Jasper is such a clever boy!

 Cocker spaniel Jasper with treats on his paws as he practises his impulse control

Hearing dog pup Jasper is working on his impulse control and is learning that if he waits patiently, he will get his tasty reward.

Self-control is important for any happy and relaxed dog, and Jasper thoroughly enjoyed his treats.

3. Florrie has been shopping

Cockapoo Florrie is in a shop wearing her burgundy training jacket and is looking at the camera

Cockapoo Florrie did a fantastic job on her shopping trip and showed lovely focus on her volunteer dog trainer throughout.

Florrie is in the final stage of her hearing dog training, so is also learning all about the sounds she will alert her future deaf partner to.

4. A different kind of train-ing session for Mitchell and Nelson

Three photos of cockapoo Mitchell and miniature poodle Nelson's first train journey. The first photos shows Mitchell and Nelson waiting at a station as a train approaches. The second shows Nelson settling on the floor of the train and the third shows Mitchell sitting on the floor of the train.

A huge well done to cockapoo Mitchell and miniature poodle Nelson, who have been on their first train journey.

Mitchell and Nelson are best friends, and they did a brilliant job on their short trip together.

5. Ingle and Foxy are looking super smart

Miniature poodle Ingle is at the front of the photo sitting in her burgundy jacket with yellow Labrador Foxy doing the same but at the back of the photo

Pups Ingle (front) and Foxy have been getting used to settling in burgundy training jackets.

Both Ingle and Foxy are in the second stage of their training, and they will be awarded their jackets once they have passed this section.

Two photos side by side showing miniature poodle Ingle in his burgundy training jacket and then Foxy in hers

Our dogs wear their jackets when out in public places and on public transport, so making sure they feel relaxed and comfortable in them is incredibly important.

6. Super Spencer!

Cocker spaniel Spencer is celebrating passing his 'Puppy Four Star' award, which means he is now studying hard for his final assessment.

Spencer is such a lovely boy, who is full of personality, and has had a wonderful team behind him throughout training.

You've got this Spencer!

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