This month in training: December 2020

Posted by Matt Sadler

Our pups have been busy learning lots of new things and have had lots of fun. Our wonderful team of volunteers have done an amazing job training our pups while following the necessary restrictions, so that hearing dog training can continue.

Here’s what they have been up to.

1. Gorgeous George has started his training

Hearing dog puppy George sitting in a flower pot

Introducing black Labrador puppy George - he may be a small pup, but he is definitely full of personality.

The first stage of hearing dog training is called the 'Puppy One Star' and this is where our dogs are encouraged to explore using their senses. This is also where they start learning all about their basic cues, such as 'sit' and 'down'.

Wishing you the very best of luck with your training George.

2. Otis has been focusing on his soundwork

Sponsor puppy Otis loves practising his soundwork and he is so good at it as well.

Here he is alerting his volunteer dog trainer Grace to the alarm clock and doorbell. Very impressive, Otis!

3. Brilliant Buddy has been learning all about smoke alarms

As you saw in the Otis video above, hearing dogs alert to most sounds by nudging with their nose, before leading their partner to the source.

However, the danger signal sees Buddy lie down as we don't him taking his partner into a potentially hazardous situation.

4. Kira has been working on avoiding distractions

Yellow Labrador Kira with her tongue out during a walk in the woods
One of the areas Kira is working on in her training is avoiding being distracted by other dogs on her walks, and she is improving with this all the time.

Keep up the great work Kira.

5. Komet has been to the beach

Hearing dog puppy Komet covered in sand at the beach

All hearing dog puppies get to have a run round and explore a beach in their training - in case their future partner lives by the sea or plans to holiday there.

Cocker spaniel Komet has been on his first ever trip to the coast and he had such a good time that he took half of it home with him!

6. Clever girl Zula!

Cocker spaniel Zula poses with her certificate for passing the second stage of hearing dog training

Congratulations to our adorable cocker spaniel for passing the second stage of her training - the 'Puppy Two Star'.

This means Zula is now the proud owner of her own burgundy training jacket, which she will wear when training in public places.

You can see what Zula will be learning in the third stage of training here.

7. Finally, Dudley has some very big news...

A huge well done to our incredibly clever yellow Labrador for passing his assessment to become a life-changing hearing dog.

Dudley has been a joy to train, and he has made a lot of friends during his journey so far.

We are so proud of you Dudders and can't wait to see the difference you are going to make.

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