This month in training: August 2023

Posted by Matt Sadler

Cockapoo Ozzie shows he's a whizz at picking up new skills, and handsome Hugh learns all about trains. Find out what else our clever pups have been up to.

1. Cockapoo Ozzie perfects his impressive sit

Ozzie masters 'sit' command.jpg

Ozzie only started his early hearing dog training a couple of weeks ago and he is picking up new skills so quickly.

Ozzie's early training will see him learn his basic cues like sit, down and wait, explore lots of new objects, and, of course, have lots of fun! 

2. Beautiful Bracken on the bus

Cocker Spaniel Bracken has been on a bus journey.jpg

Bracken showed lovely focus on her volunteer trainer during their bus journey.

Bracken has also recently started training in public places like shops and cafés, and we know she will take each new experience in her stride.

3. Adorable Alfie showing impressive impulse control

Yellow Labrador Alfie showing fab focus and impulse control.jpg

Alfie is doing so well in his early hearing dog training and he is already showing lovely impulse control around treats.

Alfie did brilliantly maintaining focus on his volunteer trainer, and he thoroughly enjoyed his tasty rewards for being such a clever pup.

4. Fun-loving Flapjack dives into a ball pit

Cockapoo puppy Flapjack in a ball pit.jpg

Cockapoo Flapjack has been busy investigating a ball pit during his training class.

Every aspect of hearing dog training, from the very beginning, is designed to be incredibly fun for our pups – to them it’s just a big game and this means they love learning new skills.

5. Handsome Hugh has been learning all about trains.

Black Labrador Hugh on a train.jpg

Our clever Labrador waited very patiently at the station, before enjoying his journey.

Hugh's future deaf partner may travel by public transport and we want to make sure that Hugh is comfortable and happy with the experience.

6. Aidan shows off his super settle skills

Cocker spaniel Aidan settling in a shop.jpg

Hearing dog in training Aidan showed off his super settle as he visited his local Pets at Home store.

Settling is a key skill for any hearing dog when they go to public places with their partner, and our clever cocker spaniel was relaxed and comfortable in a new environment.

7. Grace proudly shows off her certificates

Grace with her four puppy star certificates.jpg

Amazing Grace has been awarded these certificates and rosettes for passing each part of her training and she has recently finished the fourth stage, which means she is now getting ready for her final assessment.

You've got this, Grace!

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