This month in training: August 2022

Posted by Matt Sadler

Waldo and Elvis are perfect passengers, Oslo did an amazing job on his shopping trip, and we popped along to Kali's first puppy training class. Go behind the scenes and see what else our clever pups have been learning.

1. All aboard for Waldo and Elvis

Cocker spaniel Elvis and black Labrador Waldo are sitting on the floor of a train and looking towards the camera.

Labrador Waldo and cocker spaniel Elvis have been on a train journey together. Our intrepid duo waited patiently at a station before settling beautifully for the duration of their trip.

Three photos of black Labrador Waldo and cocker spaniel Elvis' train journey

If a deaf person uses public transport then we want their new hearing dog to be comfortable with the experience, and Waldo and Elvis were the perfect passengers.

2. Bravo, Billy!

Chocolate cockapoo Billy is sitting outside at a café. Billy is wearing his burgundy training jacket, which has the words 'I'm learning' written on it in white lettering.

Cockapoo Billy has been busy training in public places and here he is sitting outside at a café.

This photo was taken after a very successful training session in a town centre where Billy did a fab job in a busy environment alongside his buddy Gizmo.

3. Kali has just started her early training

We popped along to Kali's first puppy training class to see how she is settling in.
The early stage of Kali's training will see her being encouraged to investigate lots of new objects, as well as practising her basic cues like 'sit' and 'wait', and of course having as much as fun as possible.

4. Oslo did a fab job training in a shop

Cockapoo Oslo visited his local Pets at Home store to get used to training in  shop environment.

Oslo has just started to focus more on training in public places and he was the perfect customer!

There are lots of potential distractions for our dogs when out in public places, so it's important they keep their attention on the person they are with.

Well done Oslo.

5. Eccles' wait is so impressive

Cocker spaniel Eccles is sitting on the floor outside and looking up at the camera. Eccles has black fur with a white patch on her nose and on her tummy.

The gorgeous Eccles has been showing off her very impressive sit and wait.

These basic cues will be vital throughout Eccles' training and when she grows into a life-changing hearing dog. She's such a little sweetheart.

6. Super Spirit!

The lovely Spirit has raced through the first two stages of his hearing dog training.

Our clever Labrador is celebrating passing his 'Puppy Two Star', which means he will now start to train in public places and on public transport.

Great job Spirit, you're a natural.

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