This month in training: August 2020

Posted by Matt Sadler

Our clever pups have been continuing to train from home, and are having lots of fun doing it! From using laptops, to learning basic cues and getting used to face coverings - it's been a busy few weeks.

1. That pup looks familiar!

Biscuit has been watching himself on the computer

Yellow Labrador Biscuit has been watching footage of himself on the computer. We're not sure if he put his paw on the computer in amazement of who was on the screen, or whether to pause the video so he could stare at himself getting his favourite reward - a tummy rub.

2. Mowgli has had his head in a book

Mowgli reading a book

Our very own resident bookworm Mowgli has been studying hard at home and reading all the latest research to do with dog behaviour.

3. Puppy Kes has been a busy boy

What has hearing dog puppy Kes been up to?

A lot!

He has conquered stair mountain for the first time, been working on his 'sit' and 'down', made friends with the vacuum cleaner, and had plenty of fun.

You can see what else Kes will be learning in the first stage of hearing dog training here.

4. Zorro prepared for his first haircut

Zorro has recently had his first haircut and his volunteer puppy trainer made sure he was comfortable with the new sounds and sensations before the big day.

It was important that Zorro wasn't fazed by the unfamiliar objects, and he quickly associated them with treats and lots of praise.

Here he is with his smart new haircut.

Cocker spaniel Zorro posing for the camera after his first ever haircut

5. Ziggy has been getting used to face coverings

Miniature poodle Ziggy getting used to face coverings

Miniature poodle Ziggy has been preparing for a return to training in public places.

With face coverings now mandatory in shops and supermarkets, both places where hearing dogs frequently train, it's important that our dogs feel relaxed and comfortable at all times.

6. There's no sleeping through an alarm when Kingsley's around!

We teach our dogs different alerts when their partner is in bed. Smaller breeds like miniature poodles will jump on to the bed. 

However, we wouldn't a larger breed like a Labrador to do the same as that would be quite a shock first thing in the morning or during the middle of the night!

We train dogs like Kingsley to pull the covers off the bed instead and here he is waking up his trainer to a smoke alarm.

7. Komet is one clever puppy

Super-cute Komet has made a flying start to his hearing dog training. Cocker spaniel puppy Komet is already mastering his 'sit' and 'down', and having lots of fun in the process.

Keep up the great work, Komet.

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