This month in training: August 2019

Posted by Matt Sadler

Our puppies have been busy in their training classes, learning the skills needed to become life-changing hearing dogs. Here’s what they’ve been up to.

1. Kooper has started his hearing dog training

Yellow Labrador puppy Kooper has started his hearing dog training

A very warm welcome to yellow Labrador puppy Kooper, who has just started his hearing dog training. Kooper will spend the next 18 months with his volunteer puppy trainer and will one day help a deaf person to leave loneliness behind.

First up for Kooper is his ‘Puppy One Star’ where he’ll meet new people and puppies, be introduced to lots of new sights, sounds and smells, and work on his basic commands.

2. A trip to the supermarket for Jingle, Rupert and Blue

Supermarket training for hearing dog puppies

Hearing dog puppies Jingle (cockapoo), Rupert (gold cocker spaniel) and Blue had a group trip to a supermarket for their latest training class.

Not only did all three resist the food on the shelves, but they also showed how calm they are around other dogs, which is a key part of their hearing dog training.

Well done everyone!

3. Erik took the bus

Labrador Erik took the bus for the first time

Erik has reached a milestone in his hearing dog training as he's been on his first ever bus journey. Erik said hello to some of his fellow passengers before settling beautifully and enjoying the ride.

Getting used to public transport is an important part of hearing dog training. If a deaf person uses buses or trains frequently, then we want to make sure their new hearing dog is comfortable and relaxed with the experience.

4. Oshi relaxed at the vets

Oshi at the vets for his monthly weigh-in

It's vital that hearing dogs feel relaxed in environments they will experience again in the future, such as the vets or groomers. 

Visiting the vets can be an unnerving experience, so Oshi goes to his local surgery for a monthly weigh-in and he's already comfortable with all the sounds and smells.

You can see just how relaxed he is from this perfect settle.

5. One star, two star, three star

River passed the third stage of his hearing dog training

River has just passed his 'Puppy Three Star', which means he is now entering the final stage of his hearing dog training.

This is where River will learn the majority of his soundwork and his training will be tailored to his future deaf partner's needs. Keep up the amazing work River!

6. Dudley was singing in the rain

Yellow Labrador Dudley got a little distracted on his visit to town. He wasn't too sure where the water was coming from, but he absolutely loved being out in it.

7. Vimto made a new friend

Vimto made a new friend on her first trip into town

Vimto has also been out and about in town with her volunteer puppy trainer. This was her first visit to a busy shopping area and she even made a bright new friend.

Not only was Vimto relaxed with lots of people walking alongside her, but she also performed the perfect sit to show just how comfortable she was with the unfamiliar surroundings. 

We slowly introduce our dogs to busier places, from villages to towns and then to cities. We always make sure the dog is comfortable with a small place before we take them somewhere bigger, and Vimto has made a fantastic start.

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