This month in training: April 2020

Posted by Matt Sadler

A change in setting for our pups' hearing dog training classes, but that hasn't stopped them practising lots of new skills. Find out what our future life-changers have been learning at home.

1. Zyla has started her training and is taking tips from Brie

Cocker spaniel Brie and puppy Zyla

Cocker spaniel Zyla has just started her hearing dog training and she has got a brilliant friend to learn from.

Brie has welcomed Zyla into her home, and it's safe to say she has made her feel very welcome.

2. Verity has been practising her wait

Verity has been working hard on her wait and is now even happy waiting to fetch her favourite toy.

We teach our pups about self control, as it helps them to think about their immediate impulses, which are not always the right thing to do. Volunteer puppy trainers show the pups that they sometimes have to ‘wait’ patiently to get what they want.

Very impressive Verity.

3. Tigger has mastered this super settle

Cocker spaniel puppy Tigger with a settle

The lovely Tigger has been using the time at home to perfect his basic commands, like this lovely settle.

Mastering basic commands is incredibly important for any hearing dog as this is what they will need to do when they’re in places such as hospitals, audiologists and restaurants. Instead of creating a fuss, they’re trained to settle down and take it easy. 

4. Victor has started his early soundwork training

Victor has recently started learning the sounds he will alert his future deaf partner to and he's picking it up very quickly.

Soundwork will continue to be the focus of Victor's training over the next few months, but this is a fab start.

Keep up the great work Victor.

5. Cocker spaniel Milo has passed the second stage of his training

Cocker spaniel Milo

Milo with his biggest smile after finding out he's passed the second stage of his hearing dog training.

This means Milo will now be able to wear his burgundy training jacket when we're allowed to return to training in public places. You can find out what Milo will be learning next here.

6. Viking is well on his way to changing a deaf person's life

Black Labrador Viking

Wonderful news about an extra special boy as Viking has passed his Hearing Dogs Assessment.

Viking's training is not over yet though, as he's shown that he could be the perfect dual assistance dog.

This means he will now train with another Assistance Dogs (UK) organisation to learn the rest of the skills his future partner will require.

7. Here's what else our clever pups and working hearing dogs have been up to at home

Puzzles, noughts & crosses, ball pits and lots more...

Learning and practising new skills at home is incredibly important at the moment, and as always, the best way is to make sure your dog is having lots of fun at the same time.

Just wait for cockapoo puppy Viv launching herself into the ball pit at the end.

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