This month in training: April 2019

Posted by Matt Sadler

Our hearing dog puppies have been learning lots of new skills and visiting many new places recently. Here's what they've been up to during their all-important training.

 1. River and Oshi checked into their local libraries

River and Oshi checked into their local libraries

There was no need to tell River and Oshi to keep the noise down as they were both perfectly behaved during visits to their local libraries.

River and Oshi are at the stage of their training where they are being introduced to lots of new places. This is so they get used to many of the situations they could face when they are a fully-accredited hearing dog.

2. Ludo at the dentist

Ludo went to the dentist

One such place a hearing dog may visit is a dentist and cockapoo Ludo did a great job relaxing in the waiting room, despite all the very interesting new sounds.

3. Paige demonstarated her impulse control (and then enjoyed the tasty treats)

Paige practised her impulse control

It’s really important that hearing dogs have impeccable manners at all times, especially when they’re assisting a deaf person in public. So we teach our pups about impulse control, which helps them to think about their immediate impulses as they might not always be the right thing to do. Volunteer puppy trainers show the pups that they sometimes have to ‘wait’ patiently to get what they want.

The best way to practice this is with food – as demonstrated by the beautiful Paige. Once she was given the go-ahead to eat the yummy treats on her paws, she devoured them in true Labrador style!

4. Aero hit the shops!

Aero had a great time training in town

Walking down busy streets, the perect settle and then a quick shop with plenty of distractions, Aero had a great training session in town.

These are all skills that Aero has been learning recently in his hearing dog training and he put all that practice into action brilliantly. Well done Aero!

5. Going up - Mocha used a lift for the first time

Mocha used a lift for the first time

It may seem second-nature to a human, but it's important that hearing dogs get used to using a lift in their training, so they know there is nothing to be afraid of. Mocha did just that and wasn't fazed at all by the movement.

Hearing dogs accompany a deaf person in lots of public places - and may need to use a lift from time to time. In siutations like this, our dogs need to be on their best behaviour, and understand that there's nothing to worry about. 

6. All aboard for hearing dog in training Gabby

Trains are a new experience for hearing dog in training Gabby and initially she wasn't sure about jumping on board.
Whilst the train was sat at the station, Gabby practised getting on and off with lots of tasty treats as a reward, and it only took a couple of attempts until she was relaxed and comfortable with the experience. Fab job Gabby and her trainers!

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