This month in training: September 2018

Posted by Matt Sadler

It's another busy month in training for our amazing hearing dog puppies.

Here's a quick look at what they've been learning.

1. Linus spent the afternoon shopping

Linus went shopping

Linus had a fantastic time out and about with his socialiser. He even had time to smile for the camera and perform the perfect sit in a busy store.

Hearing dogs accompany a deaf person in lots of public places – including busy and interesting venues like garden centres, shops and markets. Our dogs need to understand all the things on display are not for them, and they should be on their best behaviour regardless of all the distractions.

2. Hana made herself at home with her new puppy socialisers

Hana with the perfect settle

Hana has started the first stage of her hearing dog training and recently moved in with her puppy socialisers. She's taken the next step in her adventure in her stride and this clever black labrador has already mastered the perfect settle, as well as those puppy dog eyes.

Although she may be at the beginning of her journey, it won't be long until Hana is changing the life of a deaf person.

3. Horses were 'neigh' bother for April

April watching the horses go by

April showed off the results of her hearing dog training and was not fazed at all when she came across two horses during her afternoon walk. 

It's important that our puppies know that all other animals - big or small - should be seen as friends and April did a fantastic job by sitting and watching the horses go by.

4. Aero could not bee-lieve his eyes on his first train trip to Manchester

 Aero took the train to Manchester

It’s really important our hearing dog pups experience travelling on public transport before they become a hearing dog. If a deaf person gets a train to work, we want to make sure their new hearing dog is comfortable with this experience. 

Not only did Aero did an amazing job on the train, but he was also on his best behaviour at all times despite all the fun distractions.

5. Tres bon Jovi!

Jovi went home with his recipient

 A big round of a-paws for Jovi, who is our newest hearing dogs graduate! Jovi is now at home with his recipient and is already putting what he's learnt into practice.

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