This month in training: April 2018

Posted by Sarah O'Brien

Take a look at what our clever hearing dog puppies have been getting up to in their training this month. 

1. Aero settled into his new volunteer puppy trainer's home

Hearing dog puppy Aero is just eight weeks old and has just started his hearing dog training! He has settled into his volunteer puppy trainer's home beautifully - whom he will stay with for the next year or so as he learns all the basic obedience needed to become the paw-fect hearing dog. 

2. Katy passed another stage of training - and earned her 'I'm learning' coat

Clever hearing dog puppy Katy has passed another stage of training - and is now able to wear her smart 'I'm learning' jacket when out in public! Doesn't she look amazing?

3. Hector experienced public transport for the first time 

Hearing dog puppy Hector waited patiently for his stop on the train this month! It’s really important our hearing dog pups experience travelling on public transport before they become a hearing dog. If a deaf person gets a train to work, we want to make sure their new hearing dog is comfortable with this experience.

4. Hearing dog puppies Otto and Neal perfected their 'sit'

How cute are these two? And they're super clever too - Neal and sponsor puppy Otto have only just started their hearing dog training and have already demonstrated the perfect sit command! We know they will make fab hearing dogs one day, although they have a bit more growing to do first! 

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