Terry and Caroline's Volunteering Story

Posted by Victoria Leedham

Terry and Caroline Roeves from our Manchester puppy hub are approaching their third year of volunteering as volunteer puppy trainers for our Charity. Their first pup, Daphne is now out working for one of our recipients, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Roeves. They now have their hands full with their second pup, cute little Connie (pictured below).


The Roeves had had pet-dogs all their married life, but when they found themselves without a dog for the first time in years, they felt completely lost. On a visit to their local supermarket, they stumbled across a Hearing Dog stall recruiting for volunteer puppy trainers, the scheme made complete sense to the couple and they signed up then and there!

They clearly had a natural talent at puppy training as their Puppy Training Instructor, Michelle Taylor recalls: “Daphne was a high-maintenance puppy during the early stages of training. With Caroline & Terry’s determination however, and always wearing a smile, they knuckled down and got through those challenging times with Daphne blossoming into a lovely pup - gaining a league of ‘Princess Daphne’ admirers in Wilmslow!”

The couple are now involved in all aspects of the charity, from fundraising to speaking to even visiting army cadets with their pups, they've done it all! But like many other volunteers, its the added extras that comes hand-in-hand with this role that they love the most. "This role means more exercise for us and more importantly, more time spent with our grandson who loves helping with the training. We've also had the opportunity to meet so many lovely people - employees, other volunteers and the general public. We always have lots of fun helping fundraise, going on group walks, talks and training with other pups", Caroline comments.

We asked the Roeves what they would say to someone who was contemplating volunteering for Hearing Dogs and their response was plain. "We cannot emphasise the fun and satisfaction of seeing your pup grow up into a wonderful partner for a profoundly deaf recipient. We enjoy every minute, 24/7. It's a privilege!"


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