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Posted by Matt Sadler

Fundraising is vital to all charities, but especially those, like ours, that receive no government funding. We spend a modest sum on raising funds each year, and we cannot afford to advertise on television.

So, in a recent letter, chief executive Michele Jennings made a respectful yet direct approach to supporters outlining the importance of gifts in Wills, and explaining why letting us know of your intentions – anonymously – can make such a difference to our ability to plan for the future...

Hearing Dogs chief executive Michele Jennings

“Gifts in Wills are incredibly kind acts of altruism. I’m always very moved when I learn that someone has been touched by the work of our charity, and has quietly chosen to do something so charitable as to leave a donation to us in their Will. It is a personal act of generosity that makes a world of difference to us. We appreciate this deeply, and we are always very sensitive when talking about gifts in Wills. They are invaluable for our charity’s existence.

“Over recent years, gifts in Wills have accounted for over 60% of our income. Like any well-run organisation we plan for the future, and we are currently establishing how we can deliver the Charity’s aims and objectives through to 2025 and beyond. We make a promise that lasts 10 years or more when we create and support each hearing dog partnership. So, sensibly, we need to forecast our ability to keep our promises.

Poppy and Maddy

“This is especially so given recent economic uncertainty. We have experienced a sudden slowdown in funds received from Wills, and it seems that the stalling property market is a key cause of this. Many gifts in Wills depend on a property being sold, but buyers are currently postponing large purchases. It’s extremely hard to predict whether this is a short-term or a longer-term concern. But, as it has come when we are planning for our charity’s future, I respectfully asked whether you would be kind enough to let us know – completely anonymously – whether you were considering leaving us a legacy.

“To each and every one of you who has responded already – a heartfelt thank you. We’ve had an encouraging response with over 1,100 people letting us know their intentions. I am immensely grateful. Thanks to your help, and the time you took to respond, we now feel more confident when making our plans.

“Put simply, gifts in Wills help us to move significantly closer to our vision of a time when no deaf person feels alone. They enable hundreds of deaf people each year to reconnect with life, by helping us to provide more wonderful hearing dogs as well as numerous services for those with hearing loss.

Liz and hearing dog Buffy

“Our hope is that, if we can show the good we do, and how we do it, by being a happy, friendly, supportive family that is here for the long-term, then perhaps, through the kindness of your heart, after considering your loved ones, you might like to join the generous people who have so kindly remembered us in their Wills.”

Click here for more information about leaving a gift in your Will.

Why you might like to help

These three wonderful supporters have decided to leave a gift in their Will to help deaf people to leave loneliness behind...

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