Virtual Open Gardens courtesy of our Hearing Dogs volunteers and their trainees

Posted by Victoria Leedham


Hearing dog-in-training Merlin (who likes nothing better than a nosy over the garden fence!) inspired us to host a Virtual Open Gardens event amongst our volunteers this summer.

A safe and secure garden is a prerequisite to becoming a dog care voluteer at Hearing Dogs. We visit all these gardens as part of the application process so knew there were some really super ones out there, plus plenty of pups that fancy themselves as great 'helpers' with the digging!

So, during the month of July, our volunteers shared pictures of their gardens, favourite plants, back yards, prize-winning veg, DIY projects, whatever they wished and all suitably socially-distanced online from their own homes.

We have chosen a few of those gardens and asked the hearing dog trainees who live there to show us around...


1. Firstly, we don't think you'll find anyone looking prouder of their garden than Chewy!



2. Don't be fooled, Buddy does appreciate the box hedging, but he'd prefer to be playing with a cardboard box a lot more!



3. Aero wanted to show us all the amazing obstacle course his volunteers have kindly set up for him in his garden.



4. Ambassador Alfie would ideally like a spot on Gardener's World.

Ambassador Alfie.jpg


5. Canny DJ has found the perfect spot to get attention from passers-by!



6. Give peas a chance! We hear you George.



7. Gwen thinks you will agree that this is a pretty impressive lockdown project.



8. Jessica loves playing in the garden, nearly as much as she loves a close-up!



9. A garden almost as beautiful as Shona herself.



10. We think Harley and his plush pal Merrythought were expecting paying visitors!


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