Meet cockapoo puppy Hope

Posted by Matt Sadler

When times are tough, sometimes all we can do is have hope, and try to find small reasons to smile. This is why we wanted to share some cute photos of the very appropriately-named pup, Hope. Hope is a cute and confident Cockapoo who has recently started her training to become a life-changing hearing dog.

Here are some some adorable photos of Hope for you to enjoy. We hope she makes you smile. 

Cockapoo puppy Hope walking on the grass

Hope will one day help a deaf person to leave loneliness behind, but she has lots of growing to do first!

Cockapoo puppy Hope leaning against a brick wall

Hope loves being the centre of attention, which works out well because she's one of our new sponsor puppies. This means you can sponsor her hearing dog training and watch her learn lots of new things as she grows up to become a superhero hearing dog.

A close up of cockapoo puppy Hope

Look at that face! 

Cockapoo puppy Hope having a cuddle in her volunteer's arms

If you sponsor Hope, you will receive a fab welcome pack with lots of interesting and fun information about her. You'll then receive regular updates on how she is getting on in her training (with lots of cute photos!).

Cockapoo puppy Hope sleeping

You can even sponsor Hope as a gift, so if you know someone who loves dogs (especially confident and adorable little Cockapoos!) then she could be the perfect way to show you're thinking of them. 

Cockapoo puppy Hope running

It's such a difficult choice selecting our favourite photos of Hope as there are just too many adorable ones, so we have made a short video montage which we hope you enjoy.

One thing is clear though, Hope is a very cuddly girl!

Meet the pups in our Puppy Training Scheme

These cute puppies are training to become life-changers. Sponsor them from £3 a month and follow their journey as they learn how to help a deaf person.

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