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We offer a range of hearing loss services that you may not know about. We are hosting our first Hearing Information Day on Tuesday 12 July at The Grange in Saunderton and we hope to welcome you along to learn more about how these services may help you or a loved one.

1 in 5 of the UK adult population is affected by hearing loss and that number is increasing. If you are looking for answers to questions on hearing loss, communication, feeling alone because of your hearing or you would like to discover how to help a family member or friend living with hearing loss, come along to our Hearing Information Day:

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The event offers the opportunity to speak to people who have benefitted from accessing our services and connect with people affected by hearing loss. Visitors can learn more about how a hearing dog can assist those with hearing loss and watch a hearing dog demonstration.

Attendees can also explore a range of personalised services available from Hearing Link Services to support people with all levels of hearing. These include a Helpdesk, support groups and products for people experiencing difficulties with their hearing, which can help navigate daily life.  

Shona, aged 52, sought help from Hearing Link Services when she was experiencing difficulties in hearing conversations, despite being a hearing aid user for most of her life.

Shona said: “I wanted to do everything I could to ensure I would not lose my job. I was feeling pretty despondent as I was struggling and had been struggling to manage for a few years. 

“After searching the internet, I came across Hearing Link and immediately contacted its Helpdesk for help and support. They recommended I attend one of their LinkUps – a free support group to connect with others who have shared the same experiences.

“To be able to share my experiences with others with hearing loss has been a huge step forward. The support I received has given me the confidence to try things and be more assertive. I feel more informed and deaf aware as a result. I now feel ready to challenge myself a bit more.”

The event will also include stands from a range of exhibitors, including hearing aid manufacturers Widex, Starkey, gnhearing, Signia, Phonak and Unitron, who offer various hearing solutions to suit all levels of hearing loss and lifestyles.

There will also be audiologists in attendance for conversation and advice. Hearing care consultants, Aston Hearing, can offer ear checks, hearing assessments and answer any questions in their specialist audiology room on site.


Angie Platten, our Director of Hearing Loss Services says: “Millions of people in the UK live with hearing loss, facing challenges in every aspect of their daily lives.

“Our Hearing Information Day is part of our determination to keep reaching more people who need our help.

“Come along to find out how we can help you with changes to you hearing, for tips about how to support a loved one who has hearing loss, or even just to find out more about the common signs, causes and treatment for hearing loss.”


There are two sessions on the day to choose from – 11am-1:30pm and 1:30pm-4pm. Entrance is free but please book tickets online to help manage numbers 

Parking and refreshments will be available. A hearing loop will be provided to support communication.

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