In pictures: Gwen's first eight weeks

Posted by Matt Sadler

Cocker spaniel Gwen is a little puppy at the start of a big adventure; growing up to become a hearing dog, who will help a deaf person to leave loneliness behind.

All epic journeys start with small steps, and here are the first eight weeks of Gwen’s life before she embarks on her training adventure.

Eight week old cocker spaniel puppy Gwen

Weeks 1–2

Gwen is the firstborn in her litter, and the one that most closely resembles a hot cross bun with that stripe on her head! Same size, shape and colouring – and just as sweet and spicy. Her eyes have yet to open and her nose is a striking shade of pink, but we can tell she’s a healthy puppy with soft, shiny, clean fur.

One week old hearing dog puppy Gwen

Week 3

From the very start, Gwen’s cheeky personality shines through. Full of fun and curiosity, she is the first to seek out new toys and play with them. A pale pink rabbit soon becomes her favourite – something about those big ears, perhaps?

Three week old cocker spaniel puppy Gwen with her favourite toy

Week 4

Curiosity often gets the better of Gwen at dinner time, but she soon learns the importance of grabbing her share before seeking out Pink Rabbit’s new hiding place – or snuggling with a special friend.

Four week old cocker spaniels eating

Weeks 5–6

There are early signs that she will one day make a great hearing dog. Watching from afar we observe Gwen hatch a cunning plan to escape and then, instead of running off, she turns to wait for her sister Gyn, quietly encouraging her to follow! This great adventure is all to sneak a reassuring cuddle with mum, Lyla.

Cocker spaniel puppy Gwen with her mum Lyla

Week 7

Most of all, Gwen enjoys hanging out with her brother and sisters – especially if that involves a group snuggle in a cardboard box. Could she be getting in some practice for her future alarm clock alerts, we wonder? Hmm... this skill might well need a little modification, Gwen!

Cocker spaniel puppy Gwen sleeping in a cardboard box

Week 8

Gwen has grown into a lovely, confident puppy with the sweetest nature. At eight weeks old, it’s time for her next big adventure – she’s off to her new home for some individual attention. There she’ll get to explore new things, face new challenges at her own pace and build on all the skills she has in spades.

Cocker spaniel puppy Gwen's first morning with her volunteer puppy trainers

A shiny new Pink Rabbit is packed into Gwen’s goodie bag after its predecessor finally hid itself rather too well! Gwen’s preference for toys will help her settle happily into her new home as well as being a highly motivating reward for her as she starts her hearing dog training.

Good luck, little pup.

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