Hearing dog Mums and their puppies

Posted by Matt Sadler

With Mother's Day coming up, there's no better time to celebrate our incredible hearing dog mums.

1. There's definitely a strong family resemblance between puppy Aled and mum Bella

Cocker spaniel puppy Aled with his paws on a garden chair as mum Bella stands next to him

2. Roo is keeping a close eye on little Wynstan

Cocker spaniel Roo in her bed behind puppy Wynstan and keeping a close eye on him

3. Kooper and his mum Ronnie are all smiles

4. Feather and her mum Hebe having a little cuddle

Cockapoo Feather resting her head on mum Hebe, who is lying on the floor

5. Gorgeous Gwen with her mum Lyla

6. Teeny-tiny cocker spaniel puppy Riley and Jasmine

Cocker spaniel puppy Riley with mum Jasmine

7. Mum Belle and daughter Walnut were very happy to spend the day together

Mum Belle (left) and daughter Walnut under a table in the shade

8. Ziggy (front) had the best time during a family reunion with mum Teaka

Miniature poodle Ziggy in front of his mum Teaka as they are running through a field

9. Our W litter and mum Charley pose for the camera

10. Alba and puppy Cookie snuggling up during their snooze

Cocker spaniel Alba is sleeping on the floor next to her puppy Cookie, who is sleeping in a cardboard box

Ending in style with a bonus video - featuring mum Tilly and her adorable pups


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