Hearing dog Mums and their puppies

Posted by Matt Sadler

With Mother's Day coming up, there's no better time to celebrate our incredible hearing dog Mums.

1. Gorgeous Gwen with her mum Lyla

2. Teeny-tiny cocker spaniel puppy Riley and Jasmine

Cocker spaniel puppy Riley with mum Jasmine

3. Kooper and his mum Ronnie are all smiles

4. Sponsor puppy Daisy has been named after her mum

5. One-week-old Hana snuggling up to Tia

One week old Hana with mum Tia

6. Leo (left) having a catch-up with Hebe at The Grange

Hearing dog puppy Leo and mum Hebe

7. Our W litter and mum Charley pose for the camera

8. Mum Tilly with our adorable S litter

Get to know the pups you can sponsor for your Mum


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