6 of the cutest hearing dog puppy videos

Posted by Matt Sadler

Cute, clever and full of fun - six of most adorable videos featuring amazing hearing dog puppies. 

1. Cannonball!

Kes LOVES his ball pit, a throwback to baby Biscuit and his favourite place to relax, Grace and Fergus having a playdate, Zita showing what a clever girl she is, and more.

2. Komet has passed the first stage of hearing dog training

This little superstar is celebrating passing the first stage of his hearing dog training - congratulations Komet.

With his basic cues like 'sit', 'down' and 'wait' proving no problem at all, Komet has raced through his Puppy One Star. Well done Komet!

3. Cooling off hearing dogs style

From dog-friendly ice lollies to hosepipes and paddling pools, our dogs had lots of fun cooling off during the warmer weather.

4. Five hearing dogs to make you smile

Biscuit fetches his favourite toy, Albert goes for the windswept look, Zippy returns home after his holiday, and more!

5. Cute Carlos is well on his way to becoming a life-changing hearing dog

He's grown from a little pup keen to 'help out' in the garden to a very clever boy who picks up new skills so quickly - Carlos is going to make an amazing hearing dog one day.

Carlos has recently passed the second stage of training and will now focus more on practising in public places like shops and cafes.

6. Kes is one hungry pup

Something tells us that cocker spaniel puppy Kes may have been looking forward to his dinner.

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Patricia, 9 Sep 2020

What has happened to Rico? I sponsor him and haven't seen any mention of him recently. Apologies if I have missed it. Pat Young

Matt, 9 Sep 2020

Hi Pat, thank you for your message and for sponsoring the lovely Rico. We don't talk too often about our sponsor puppies on the blog as the photos and videos are exclusive to sponsors. Rico does, however, have his own online Puppy Pen, which already has three episodes with the next due to be uploaded in the next few weeks. There would have been information in your welcome pack on how to access this, but our team can also help if you email them at puppy.sponsorship@hearingdogs.org.uk. Rico is doing incredibly well in his training so far and is a very happy and much-loved boy. The team are currently putting the final touches to his first training update, which should be with you very shortly. Kind regards, Matt

Mary, 10 Sep 2020

I sponser Daisy and am supposed to receive updates about her. I have received leaflets by post and emails but no mention of Daisy's progress.

Matt, 10 Sep 2020

Hi Mary, thank you so much for sponsoring Daisy! There has been a slight delay to Daisy's first training update due to the situation with Coronavirus, but the team are just putting the finishing touches to this now and it should be with you in a couple of weeks. Daisy's fourth Puppy Pen episode is also due to be uploaded next month. If you haven't seen the other three yet then please do get in touch with the team at puppy.sponsorship@hearingdogs.org.uk and they'll be able to send you a link to access them all. Best wishes, Matt
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