Meet hearing dog puppy Enya

Posted by Matt Sadler

Black Labrador Enya is six months into her hearing dog training, so we asked her puppy trainer Caroline, how this incredibly clever future life-changer is getting on.

Enya aged eight weeks after moving in with her volunteer puppy trainer

Enya, aged eight weeks, after moving in with her puppy socialiser, Louise

How would you describe Enya in one phrase?
Enya has spirit. She is also very curious in the world around her and likes to be involved in everything. 

Does she have any quirks?
She loves her toys and moving her beds around the living room. 

How does she behave around other dogs?
She loves to play! She is still very puppyish and likes a bit of rough and tumble play. She is slowly learning that this is not always acceptable and does calm down after a few minutes if the other dog doesn't want to play, but she will always try. 

What do you enjoy most about training Enya?
She is very clever and enjoys learning new things. Enya also likes to investigate everything so is really fun to work with. 

Enya in her learning jacket after passing the second stage of her training

Enya, aged seven months, after passing the second stage of her hearing dog training

What is Enya currently learning?
Enya has recently completed her puppy two star award so will be moving on to three star exercises. She is also learning that she is only allowed to chew her toys, as she has been teething recently and likes to chew things that she shouldn't. 

What is she doing really well?
Enya is very good at her sits and downs and was very well behaved recently in a indoor shopping centre. 

What does she need to practice?
Settling in coffee shops. She is much more interested in the people and the environment around her at the moment. 

What will Enya be learning next?
Enya loves her toys, so will be learning how to respond to 'watch me', which involves leaving the toys and focusing on her handler. (Don't worry, she will be rewarded with another toy when she does it). 

Enya with her mum Shyla

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