Gallery: Four-week-old hearing dog puppies

Posted by Matt Sadler

Our adorable W litter are now four weeks old and getting cuter by the day.

It's hard to believe that one day these amazing cocker spaniel puppies will become life-changing hearing dogs as they have a lot of growing to do first!

Introducing Winnifred, Wynter, Watkins, Wallace, Wilbur, Wendy, William and Warwick, who were born on 16 December to mum Charley and dad Charlie (you did read that correctly).

1. Dinner time

The W litter enjoying a meal

2. I'm the explorer of the litter

The adorable W Litter

3. It's just so tiring being a puppy

Snooze time

4. I'm having pawsome dreams

A puppy close-up

5. There's always time for a puppy cuddle

There's not many things better than a puppy cuddle

6. Do you think they will notice if I just eat this finger?


The early stages of a hearing dog puppy's life are crucial for their development and they will learn lots from their hearing dog mum in those eight weeks.

Once a pup has been fully weaned, learnt all about how to be a dog from their mum and siblings, and had a good education in sights, sounds and other experiences, they are ready to learn how to be a well-behaved dog in their new home. This is when they start the next exciting leg of their journey to becoming a life-changing hearing dog for a deaf person.

Meet the pups in our Puppy Training Scheme

These cute puppies are training to become life-changers. Sponsor them from £3 a month and follow their journey as they learn how to help a deaf person.

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