Cute Corner: Time for a haircut

Posted by Matt Sadler

Welcome to an extra special edition of Cute Corner.

No, we can't believe it either, but we have checked, double checked and triple checked, and amazingly these are the same hearing dog puppies!

What a difference a trim makes.

1. Formerly a fluffy teddy bear, Ziggy is a miniature poodle once again.

Ziggy after his hair cut

2. Short back and sides please, hearing dog puppy Archer is sporting a streamlined look for winter.

Acorn has a trim

3. Different lighting, a lot less hair, but the same Acorn.

Unbelievably this is Acorn in both photos

4. The tongue gave you away Doris!Doris

5. Cocker spaniel Alvin has just graduated as a fully-accredited hearing dog and marked the occasion with a change in style.


6. Not only has Scamp had a recent groom, but he's also just passed the fourth stage of his hearing dog training. Well done Scamp and you're looking very smart.


7. Ester is quite literally half the puppy she was - look at all that fluff she had before.


8. Cockapoo Skye's groom means that we can now see her puppy dog eyes - she'll be getting away with everything now!


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