6 videos full of hearing dog cuteness

Posted by Matt Sadler

6 short videos full of cute and clever hearing dogs in training having as much fun as possible. You will see happy faces galore and watch cocker spaniel puppy Sarge having a ball at his first training class.

1. Attention...

This is nine-week-old cocker spaniel Sarge and we popped along to his first puppy training class to meet him.

Sarge is a very confident pup and his class was all about investigating new objects. It's safe to say the ball pit may well have been his favourite.

2. Sit back, relax, and get ready for some extra cute videos

Ralph is 'helping out' in the garden, Nancy is having the best time at the beach, puppy Pip can't quite work out the washing machine, and much more.

3. Wonderful Wilbur

Some lovely focus and a very waggy tail as hearing dog Wilbur accompanied his partner Lucy to a supermarket.

Great job as always, Wilbur!

4. Oh Albert, you are so gentle

It's time for another montage of very cute videos, and hearing dog Albert is being very patient with a new friend.

Also featuring MJ and Texas having a good splash around at the beach, Scout investigating an office fan, River and Rose looking less than impressed with their bath, and much more.

5. Marvellous Max has passed his assessment to be a sound support dog!

Sound support dogs alert their partners to important and potentially even life-saving sounds within the home, but don't accompany them to public places like hearing dogs do.

Max has grown from a very sleepy pup, into such a clever and happy boy, and we know he is going to make a huge difference to his partner's life.

6. Eight hearing dog pups to make you smile

Starting with a little throwback to just before Hector started his early training, and also featuring Kiwi practising for Crufts, Chester's catching skills, Labrador Albert's happy tail, and much more.

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