6 cute puppy videos to make you smile

Posted by Matt Sadler

It’s a sibling special, as Oakley and Orin both head out for training and Wendy and Winnie show us just what a dynamic duo they really are. Plus, celebrate some amazing news with Labrador Bow!

1. A dynamic duo

Eight-week-old Winnie and Wendy were in love with the camera on their visit, and we think the camera might just love them back! 

These two will soon start their training to become life-changing hearing dogs and we can't wait to watch them all grow up.

2. We’re off to the shops with Oakley 

Our clever cockapoo has been out and about exploring shops and building his confidence in the third stage of his hearing dog training, and he's been doing so well!

3. A large celebration for Bow 

Our very clever Labrador has just passed his final assessment to become a life-changing hearing dog! 

From a little hungry pup to a big superstar, Bow has been a joy to train, and he always makes sure to have a smile for everyone. We're really proud of Team Bow, congratulations.

4. The very cute V’s

It was cuteness overload when our eight-week old cocker spaniel puppies came to visit. With cuddles, puppy tunnels, and just a touch of sibling rivalry, there's no better way to spend a morning.

5. Nine of the cutest clips

Starting with two very cheeky seven-week-old cocker spaniels being caught red-handed, or should we say red-pawed? You'll also see the adorable Vegas coming to say hello, Morgan's trip to a garden centre, and Elton’s Volunteers' Week jump for joy.

6. Orin headed out and about

Our clever cockapoo, Orin, is in the third stage of his hearing dog training and has been busy exploring the high street, being the perfect train passenger, and showing off his lovely settle in a café. 

We think he might be just a tiny bit jealous that the scrummy coffee isn't for him!

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