Only look at these 22 adorable puppies if you're having a bad day

Posted by Sarah O'Brien

Welcome to an extra special Cute Corner!

We’ve all had one of those days, haven’t we? A day when nothing seems to be going your way and you’re in a pretty miserable mood. Nothing can cheer you up. Nothing, except for 22 adorable puppies!

If you’re in a good mood today then get ready to stop reading. But before you do make sure you bookmark this post for when you need some emergency cuteness. And if you’re in a bad mood hopefully our super cute hearing dog puppies can lift your spirits.

Let us know if they’ve helped!

1. First to try and cheer you up is fluffy Tumble and his adorable smile.

Cute puppy garden

2. Next to try is Ruffles and his big puppy dog eyes.

Hearing dog puppy cute

3. Not smiling yet? Here's a three-week-old hearing dog puppy getting their first manicure. 

puppy cute

4. How can you have a bad day when puppy Oakley is so happy to see you?

Cute puppy running The Grange

5. And there's nothing like seeing a mother's love to put you in a good mood.

cute dog puppy

6. Not sure why, but we get the feeling Loki is enjoying his trip to the beach.

Dogs swimming beach

7. Oh dear. Maybe Mabel is having a bad day too. Anyone for a cuddle?

cute puppy

8. Must. Not. Blink. 

King Charles cute

9. We don't think Nero's too keen on his trainer's new hair cut.

hearing dogs cute

10. There's nothing like a cuddle with your favourite toy to cheer you up. 

hearing dog cute puppy

11. Hearing dog puppy Jess loved playing in the Autumn leaves when she was little.

cute puppy spaniel

12. She still does. Maybe a little too much.

hearing dogs cute leaves

13. These hearing dog puppy siblings have perfected their posing at just four-weeks-old.

cute dog puppy

14. What dog loves to take bubble baths? A shampoodle! Hahahahaha.

hearing dog puppy cute yawning spaniel

15. Even hearing dogs have little annoying brothers.

hearing dog puppy siblings spaniels

16. If this two-hour-old puppy doesn't cheer you up, nothing will.

puppy cute newborn

17. This is possibly the cutest family photo of all time. 

family portrait Labradors cute

18.Cheeky Pepe reckons he's cuter than you.

hearing dogs puppy cute

19. We think hearing dog puppy Berry needs to work on his hide-and-seek techniques.

cute hearing dog hide and seek

20. How can you not smile at hearing dog puppy Aslan's smile? 

cute hearing dog puppy

21. These two look they're up to no good. But they also look very cute doing it. 

cute hearing dog puppy

22. And finally, Yorkie has almost perfected his pose for the camera. Almost.

spaniel cute puppy hearing dog

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