6 adorable hearing dog puppy videos to make you smile

Posted by Matt Sadler

From River splashing around in a paddling pool, to chaos of the very best kind courtesy of eight-week-old cocker spaniel pups – sit back, relax and enjoy the cutest videos you will see all day.

1. Four short videos guaranteed to make you smile

Meet our very playful eight-week-old D litter, as well as seeing Labrador pup Bentley practise his off-lead walk, Albert go for a run and Polly show off some fancy footwork.

2. Paddling pool time for River

There was only thing for it in the recent lovely weather, paddling pool time!

Hearing dog in training River was straight in there splashing around, but what happened as soon as he got out?

3. From super-cute puppy to a future life-changing hearing dog

We are so proud to be able to tell you that Winnie has passed her assessment to become a life-changing hearing dog.

Here is a short montage of her growing from a ridiculously cute puppy into a wonderful girl.

4. Douglas finds a funny way to keep cool

This is how hearing dog in training Douglas kept himself cool during the recent sunny weather.

He looks so proud of himself at the end.

5. Adorable Austin has been training at home

Cocker spaniel Austin has been showing how clever he is by practising his basic commands at home.

Austin has also investigated his first ever snuffle mat and had plenty of fun running around the garden.

6. Buddy the sock thief

A selection of some of our cutest video clips from the last couple of weeks.

Featuring hearing dog puppy Buddy the sock thief and his sister Bramble's first ever paddle.

Meet the pups in our Puppy Training Scheme

These cute puppies are training to become life-changers. Sponsor them from £3 a month and follow their journey as they learn how to help a deaf person.

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Ena, 8 May 2020

I love getting the newsletter and being able to watch the puppies at play and being trained. I am in complete awe of what our four legged friends can achieve and bring to the human race. I have sponsored several puppies over the years and am wondering what has happened to my latest, Marnie and who I will be "given" to replace her. Bless you all. Ena Miles

Matt, 11 May 2020

Hello Ena! I'm so glad you like the newsletter. During these times we're finding that publications like this are really helping brighten up the day for everyone - us included! It's so kind of you to have sponsored puppies over the years. Marnie has come a very long way with your support. We're working on her next update, so that will be with you soon. We just need to finalise and confirm all the details, and I'm afraid I can't give out any specifics ahead of publication, but I can tell you it's good news. 😊 So, all will be revealed soon! Again, thank you so very much for your kindness.
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