A day in the life of hearing dog Albert

Posted by Matt Sadler

What do hearing dogs do is a question we are often asked, so we followed life-changing hearing dog Albert to see how he helps his deaf partner, Sarah, in a typical day.

Expect sounds, shopping and plenty of playing.

Hearing dog Albert in his burgundy jacket

07:30 – Wakey, wakey! First I wake up my mum because she can’t hear her alarm clock go off.

Hearing dog Albert alerts his deaf partner to the alarm clock

08:00 – Then it’s straight into the garden for a quick sniff around.

Hearing dog Albert plays in the garden

08:30 – The most important meal of the day, it’s breakfast time and sometimes I get so excited that I dance around. I have half in my favourite Kong as I eat too quickly.

Hearing dog Albert has breakfast

09:30 – Walkies time… Well I prefer jumping!

Hearing dog Albert having fun and jumping over a log

09:45 – I’m sure I saw a squirrel up there.

Hearing dog Albert spots a squirrel

10:30 – Off to the shops on the bus and I get to wear my uniform.

Hearing dog Albert waits at a bus stop

10:40 – I always look up at my mum to make sure she’s okay.

Hearing dog Albert settles on the bus

11:15 – We’ve gone food shopping. If I’m good I might get treats.

Hearing dog Albert at the supermarket

11:30 – I’m an expert at walking alongside the trolley.

Hearing dog Albert walking next to a shopping trolley

12:30 – On the busy bus home, but that doesn’t bother me.

Hearing dog Albert on a bus with his deaf partner

13:15 – Yay, I got treats!

Hearing dog Albert is rewarded with dog treats

14:30 – There’s always time for a spot of sunbathing.

Hearing dog Albert sunbathing

16:30 – Walkies time and look at my bouncy ears.

Hearing dog Albert playing in the long grass

18:00 – One of my jobs is to let mum know when the cooker timer goes off and I get lots of treats for doing so.

Hearing dog Albert is ready to alert his deaf partner to a timer

18:20 – The best time of the day – dinner time!

Dinner time for hearing dog Albert

18:45 – Must work out how to solve this puzzle.

Hearing dog Albert solving a dog treat puzzle

19:25 - This toy is bigger than me!

Hearing dog Albert playing with his favourite cuddly toy

20:00 - I have a quick groom and health check every night. I’m so relaxed that I often fall asleep.

Hearing dog Albert enjoying a groom and health check

20:20 - One last check of the garden to make sure there are no squirrels.

Hearing dog Albert in the garden

20:45 - I always brush my teeth with doggy toothpaste before bed.

Hearing dog Albert brushes his teeth with doggy toothpaste before bed

21:00 – I’m dreaming about squirrels and tomorrow’s adventures.

Hearing dog Albert dreaming of tomorrow's adventures

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