8 signs you might have hearing problems

Posted by Matt Sadler

During the Coronavirus lockdown we are all relying more on our hearing than we might think.

Whether you’re phoning or video calling loved ones, having socially distanced conversations, or talking to people when using essential services such as hospitals, supermarkets or banks – particularly when people are wearing face masks that cover their mouths – there are a number of ways you may be able to tell that you’re struggling with your hearing.

1. Not being able to hear what people are saying

If you miss what someone is saying, mishear them, or their voice sounds a bit muffled, this might be a sign that you’re having difficulties with your hearing.

Hearing loss talking

2. Asking people to repeat themselves

We all do this now and again, but if you think you have to do it more than usual, it could be a sign that you’re struggling with your hearing.

3. You have to turn the TV up louder than you normally would

If you need to turn the TV up louder than normal, or louder than other people need it, to comfortably hear what people are saying, this might be a sign you’re having hearing troubles rather than the programme itself just being quiet.

4. Struggling to hear when there is background noise

It can be difficult to follow conversations in a setting with lots of background noise even if you have no hearing problems. However for those who do, this type of setting can be particularly difficult. If you notice a difference in how tricky you’re finding it, you shouldn’t ignore this. 

Hearing loss

5. Unusual buzzing or ringing sounds in your ears

Any unusual sounds like this, particularly if you’ve been in a noisy environment, could signal that something is wrong. 

6. Difficulty hearing when speaking on the phone

Any difference in how easy you can hear people on the phone should be paid attention to. If you’re finding it more difficult than you used to, you could be experiencing difficulties with your hearing.

7. Feeling particularly tired or strained after having conversations

It may be that you’ve been having to concentrate harder than normal because you’re struggling to hear.

8. Dreading speaking to others in public

If you begin to dread conversations with others in environments where there is background noise, you may want to ask yourself ‘Why is this?’

Especially now, when you have to stay at least two metres away from others and people are wearing face masks, you may notice it’s even more difficult to hear what people are saying when there is background noise.

If this becomes something you dread, it could be because you have difficulties with your hearing.

If any of the above apply to you, it may be time to have your hearing tested. Your hearing is a valuable commodity and the sooner you address any potential issues, the more chance you have of protecting it.

If you are having difficulties with your hearing and need advice or guidance, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with our Helpdesk.

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