7 hearing dog videos to make you smile

Posted by Matt Sadler

Meet some very energetic Labrador puppies, join in Tom and Teddy's celebrations, and watch even more adorable videos of our future life-changing hearing dogs.

1. Some very special pups would like to say hello

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the very playful Hamlet, Haley, Harold and Hattie.

Our eight-week-old Labrador pups are a very inquisitive bunch and they love charging around and exploring outside.

2. 90 seconds of hearing dog pups having as much fun as possible!

Starting with two of our adorable J litter and their mum Lexie.
Also featuring siblings Alfie and Ruby, our super-cute miniature poodle puppies, Tegan having a ball in her paddling pool, Eton and Eric sharing a toy, and more.
3. Answering that old question - 'how many cockapoo puppies can fit in a ball pit?'.
Also featuring our miniature poodle pups exploring the garden, Lucy choosing a toy, Pedro and his blanket, and a very happy Ava.
4. Terrific Tom has passed his 'Puppy Three Star'!
Tom has some big news to tell you - he is now into the final stage of his hearing dog training!
Tom will now focus more on learning the sounds he will alert his future deaf partner to and we know he is going to be amazing.
Keep going Tom, you're doing brilliantly.
5. Eight very adventurous cockapoo pups
It's safe to say that Felix, Flissy, Fanta, Flossy, Franky, Freckles, Flori and Freddie love exploring.
From suitcases, to vacuum cleaners and brooms - our incredibly cute cockapoo puppies have been 'helping' with the housework and investigating everything.

6. It's a bumper edition of those cute clips

Hester has been to the beach, it's dinner time for our little Labrador pups, Eccles shows off her football skills, Tia goes snorkelling for carrots, and more.


7. Congratulations Teddy!
We have some wonderful news for Teddy, who has passed his assessment to be a life-changing hearing dog.
You will see our clever cocker spaniel alerting to the doorbell, as well as showing the danger signal to both the smoke alarm and fire siren.
Congratulations and thank you so much to the incredible 'Team Teddy'.

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