6 cute hearing dog videos to make you smile

Posted by Matt Sadler

Six videos guaranteed to make your day! Sit back and enjoy watching our ridiculously cute hearing dog puppies learn, play and have lots of fun.

1. Albert tidies up!

Now we know hearing dog Albert is a very special boy, but we didn't know his talents also included tidying up his toys.

You are so clever Albert.

2. A bumper edition of six super-cute videos


Biscuit enjoying his mango, Albert staying dry, Kes learning about the cooker timer, Mocha's eyes lighting up, Zorro not moving an inch and a noisy goodnight from Bess.

3. Bravo, Benji

This wonderful boy is Benji, and Benji has just passed his assessment to become a sound support dog!

Full of affection, full of personality and full of fun - the next step for Benji is to meet his partner for the first time.

4. You can't beat a good montage...

Tigger shows off his football skills, Kes goes snorkelling in his drink, Biscuit loves watching cute clips of the week, hearing dog mum Violet enjoys the breeze, and Komet is a bundle of energy.

5. A short selection of our cutest video clips
Buddy adores his training, Zippy is a big fan of being sprayed with water, Kes is learning the very early stages of how to alert with a nose nudge, and more!

6. Ellie is going to make a wonderful hearing dog

The gorgeous Ellie has passed her assessment to become a life-changing hearing dog!

Always such a happy girl, we know Ellie is going to make an incredible difference to her partner's life.
Congratulations and thank you so much to 'Team Ellie'.

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