16 things every Labrador lover knows

Posted by Matt Sadler

From puppies through to big boys and girls, here are 16 things every Labrador lover will know all too well.

1. No matter how hard you try, it is physically impossible not to smile at a Labrador puppy - they are just the cutest. Three week old Hana

2. They will eat you out of house and home.Black Labs love their food

3. You're now capable of running the London Marathon after all that extra exercise you're getting.Black Labs are bundles of energy

4. You're guaranteed to get a hero's welcome home every day.Black Labs are always happy to see you

5. They just want to be good boys and girls... Black Labs just want to impress you

6. Except for when they're 'helping out' in the gardenBlack Labs love to help out in the garden

7. Did we mention they love their food?

 Black Labs love their food

8. Any time is play time!

 Black Labs love to play

9. You're all too familiar with this face.

Mason looking incredibly guilty

10. Water, water, everywhere - your car is guaranteed to get a soaking as Labradors are the Olympic swimming gold medalists of the dog world.Black Labs love going for a swim

11.  You're used to having no personal space. Despite having the whole room to relax in, Labradors love sitting on your feet and leaning on you.

Black Labs love leaning on you

12. You've grown to love the very strange noises they make when they're happy.Forrest smiling

13. No need for counting sheep here! Any time, any place, any position - Labradors will fall asleep anywhere.Black Labs can fall asleep anywhere and in any position

14. Not only are they your best friend, but they are also a dog's best buddy.Best friends, sort of

Oops, wrong photo, try this one instead.Black Labs are great with other dogs

15. They are your emergency babysitter. Well, maybe not quite, but Labradors are the perfect dog if you have children.Black Labs are great with children

 16.  Loving, intelligent and loyal, Labradors are amazing hearing dogs.Labradors are the perfect hearing dog


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