Companion dogs

Are you a dog lover with mild or moderate hearing loss? If you are, a Companion dog might be right for you.

And if a friend or family member has some level of hearing loss and could benefit from the companionship of a well-trained dog please get in touch.

Cocker spaniel Echo is running through the grass and has all four paws off the ground

What is a Companion dog?

These dogs are partnered with people who have some kind of difficulty with their hearing (for example, mild or moderate hearing loss in one or both ears) but who don’t need to rely on a dog to alert them to sounds. Companion dogs provide companionship and emotional support, providing friendship and, in many cases, reducing isolation and loneliness.

While companion dogs are well-trained, individual dogs may not be suited to everyone. Sometimes they may have certain personality, behavioural or health characteristics that mean they would be much better suited to people with specific lifestyles.

When one of these dogs is matched with someone with hearing loss, we provide support during the ‘settling in’ period to ensure the match is successful before the dog is permanently adopted by their partner.

How could a Companion dog help?

Margaret, who has companion dog Tilda, says: “My Companion dog Tilda is a wonderful companion. She has made such a change to my life. She is an all-round good little dog - so intelligent, but with just enough sense of mischief!

Margaret and her confidence and companion dog, Tilda

"She’s got remarkable recall. This means that wherever we are, provided it is safe to do so, I can let her off lead without any anxiety and I've been able to do this since day one.

"She’s a tribute to everyone who has invested their precious time in her.”

We are not currently accepting Companion Dog enquiries, but please do be sure to check back at a later date.