Dr Hilary Harris MB ChB FRC GP

In 1990 Hilary might have responded to a survey question: “Do you like dogs?” with a firm negative.

As a senior partner in a busy general medical practice, caring for ageing parents, plus three children and a profoundly deaf husband, struggling to cope with an international career, life seemed busy enough for Hilary!

Jodie was the first hearing dog for Hilary’s husband and a superstar in her own right – she changed everything. She provided a link for Rodney with a world that was beginning to retreat because of deafness, enabling him to complete his genetic research and restore his spirits.

As a ballet and opera lovers, Jodie accompanied Hilary and Rodney to Covent Garden and barked loudly when the Queen entered to open the refurbished building at Glyndebourne! The orchestra’s attention was totally diverted from the conductor Simon Rattle when two paws and a head appeared over the edge of the orchestra pit.

Observing the counselling and continuity of care offered by Hearing Dogs for Deaf People was a rewarding experience and has continued with Dove, Rodney’s replacement hearing dog.

Personal and professional interest in deafness, its causes and effects, past membership of the Human Genetics Commission and many other medical committees, allowed Hilary to contribute as a Trustee to the splendid work of the Charity. Hilary retired from being a Trustee for the charity, but is now a Vice-President.