Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal

The Princess reflects on the strong bond and relationship that exists between recipient and hearing dog:

"A dog is always an affectionate companion and man has for centuries understood the potential of a working relationship between man and beast. Our understanding of this bond is always expanding, and nowhere more so than in the use of dogs to assist people to lead more independent day-to-day lives. A hearing dog offers companionship, confidence, security and independence to a person with hearing loss by alerting them to sounds."

The Princess also highlights the tremendous role that our volunteers play in raising funds and awareness of our work:

"The success of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is partly due to the tireless work of the Charity's many volunteers around the country who give up their time to organise various activities to bring in much-needed funds and publicity in their local areas. Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Charity as they also raise awareness, through their own branches around the UK, of how a hearing dog can make a difference to the life of a deaf person."