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Train a puppy, change a life

Would you like to become a puppy socialiser and help to train hearing dogs of the future?

Matt Baker with a hearing dog puppy

As a puppy socialiser you will give your hearing dog puppy basic obedience and house training, as well as introduce them to everyday situations such as going into shops and travelling on public transport.

Could you

  • look after a puppy in your home for 14 - 16 months?
  • introduce them to different people and experiences ahead of their career as a hearing dog?
  • teach them basic obedience?
  • attend regular puppy classes?

Would you

  • like the chance to meet new people?
  • like the chance to learn new skills in puppy behaviour and training?
  • like to help transform the life of a deaf person?

If so, puppy socialising could be perfect for you.

“Puppy socialisers do a fantastic job of giving future hearing dogs the best start in life and I hope to help with getting more people involved.”
Matt Baker – TV presenter and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People supporter

As a puppy socialiser you will be required to take on a puppy and have him or her living in your home for around 14 - 16 months. So long as you are over 18 anyone can apply, although you must have the time, the commitment and be physically able to provide basic training, socialisation and exercise for your puppy.

We'll support you every step of the way

You and your Puppy Training Instructor will work closely together throughout your puppy’s socialisation. You will learn how to train your puppy at our fortnightly puppy classes and you’ll receive visits to your home from your trainer on a regular basis. They’re also just on the end of the phone for any puppy-related queries or worries you may have.

We are currently recruiting volunteer puppy socialisers in the following areas:

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