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Help train a hearing dog puppy

“I enjoy the way that volunteering as a Puppy Socialiser gets us out of the house more as a family and it’s great to know that all the effort we put in will enable others to have a better life.”

Puppy Socialising: Role detailsPuppy socialising for Hearing Dogs

Would you like to take a a hearing dog puppy into your home when it’s around 8 weeks of age, and care for it for approximately 14 – 16 months?

The young dog will then return to one of our two national training centres where it will carry out its advanced soundwork training and learn to become a working hearing dog.


Edinburgh, Newcastle upon Tyne, East Yorkshire, Cheshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Devon.

Please get in touch to find out whether we are currently recruiting volunteers in your area.


Full time, 14 – 16 months

Puppy socialising FAQ’s

Do I need to live in a specific area to become a socialiser?
Yes, we will consider your application if you live within one of our catchment areas around the country, listed above.

Am I able to socialise if I have children?
Yes. We actively encourage children to be involved in the socialising of puppies. However we ask that you take very careful consideration when applying if you have children of pre-school age. Please discuss any queries with a member of staff during the application process.

Am I able to socialise if I have pets? (e.g. dog, cat, fish, caged animals, chickens)
Yes. If you have a pet dog we will need to assess their temperament before we can place a puppy with you. We will give advice on pet safety for smaller animals at the Home Evaluation stage of the application process.

How long will I have the dog for?
You would normally have one of our pups for a period of between 14 and 16 months. This can vary depending on the training progression of the dog.

What type of dog might I get?
Typically we train Labradors, English Cocker Spaniels, and Miniature Poodles, and occasionally some Cocker crosses.

Are the puppies/dogs housetrained when they arrive?
Our puppies will have begun to understand the concept of house training from their first 8 weeks within the litter with their brood bitch holder, but will not be fully house trained.

How often do I have to attend puppy classes?
You are required to attend once every week for the first 6 months and then weekly or fortnightly thereafter. They are held during the day, Monday to Friday.

Will I incur any costs?
No, other than your time. We will provide food, bedding, toys and equipment and will pay for veterinary expenses and related travel expenses.

Can I leave the dog alone at home?
Young puppies require constant care and attention and therefore cannot be left alone. Older pups cannot be left for longer than 1 – 2 hours. We also ask that they aren’t left for long periods of time too regularly. Your trainer will advise as to your individual pup’s needs.

How often can I expect home visits?
Your trainer will visit you and your puppy one – two times per month, although this will vary depending on the puppy’s age and the level of support you need.

Where can I take my puppy/dog?
Our puppies/dogs need to grow up in varied environments. We will advise and support you on gradual introduction to a range of situations that they will encounter as a working dog e.g. town, travel, shops, people and animals.

Is there any other criteria I must meet before I can apply to become a puppy socialiser?
Yes. You must meet the following criteria:

  • The ability to dedicate time to training and socialising your puppy on a daily basis.
  • Have a private and secure garden that is directly accessible from your house.
  • Access to a vehicle at all times, to get to puppy classes and in case of emergencies.
  • Be over 18 years of age.

So, would you like to become a puppy socialiser, and help to train hearing dogs of the future?

How to apply
To find out if you fall within one of our catchment areas, please contact the volunteering team on 01844 348100 (voice and minicom) or submit an enquiry below.