Paws for Coffee

Paws for a communal cuppa

If you like a friendly sit-down with a coffee - or tea, or squash, or Prosecco, Pimms or Perrier - and are interested in Fundraising for Hearing Dogs, holding a Paws for Coffee event could be just for you!

This event can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Your ideal Paws for Coffee event might involve sitting down with the girls on a Wednesday morning, or it might be opening up your garden or using a village hall to put on an event that the whole community can attend. 

Whatever suits you, our downloadable event pack can help with ideas and resources, including posters, invitation cards and price tags. Plus, our friendly fundraising team can also discuss ideas and provide further resources you might need for your Paws for Coffee event.

Anything and everything you raise will go towards helping deaf people to leave loneliness behind, and reconnect with life.

Paws for a chat with Margo

One of our volunteers, Margo, is a bit of a professional when it comes to coffee mornings! She has held at least one each year she has supported the Charity.

Here is why Paws for Coffee is right for her...

"What do I like about them? Silly question! Cake and coffee of course! Everyone loves cake, don’t they?

"I am also gluten-free and I love seeing people’s faces when they realise I can offer a gluten-free option that is something other than the usual chocolate brownies.

"I find the Paws for Coffee events easy to organise. They aren’t too time-consuming for me (I work), and don’t take up too much time in a person’s day to attend. It is something that anyone can attend, any age, male or female.

"I have held them in my home, community centre, at work, a church hall and more recently the local deaf centre. It doesn’t really matter where you hold them, and you can raise a similar amount from a small group as well as big one. It just depends on the generosity of the people on the day. I now offer takeaway as some people can’t stay as long, but still want to support us.

"I include games usually based on where or who the coffee is for. If children are around I have done 'Pin the Tail on the Puppy', and 'Find the Buried Bone' on a treasure map. I have stuck paw print-outs under chairs for the person to find and win something. I had a lucky dip box at the cream tea, where people paid £1 and chose a wrapped present - it was anything from a bottle of beer to a wash-up brush. It’s all fun and we made over £50 on that alone!"

Or we can post you a pack...

If you would rather us post you a Paws for Coffee fundraising pack, please send us your your name and address to

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